We have worked with Joanna Trawińska for the past 2+ years in her capacity as a virtual assistant. During this time she has provided us with a fast and responsive service across a number of administrative and support areas. We are very happy with Joanna’s contribution and we can recommend her as a reliable, responsive and pleasant colleague.

Ray Parker  – Madison Parker 

”The Coach was really nice, friendly, positive, enthusiastic, helpful, awesome, cheerful, interactive and excellent. She handle the workshop very well with clear and in-depth explanation, practical presentation and useful information.’

Anonymous students from Haagse Hogeschool after ‘’Job Interview Workshop’’

”The Coach facilitated interactive and innovative workshop with real focus on the students as an individual. The workshop forces us to think about ourselves and we come up with important and useful things about ourselves which we normally do not have time to think about.’

Anonymous students from AIESEC after ‘’Self Development Workshop’’

”I have known Joanna both as student on the Diploma course Counselling & Coaching and as co-trainer for a subsequent group. Joanna is enthusiastic and good at making connections with and between people, she is inventive and motivated and brings in valuable intercultural perspectives. She is eager to get ahead and expresses willingness to learn whatever additional skills are needed to be self-reliant and independent. I wish her success.”

Els Barkema-Sala; The Netherlands

”Joanna brings energy and zest into every room she enters. She motivates, delegates and collaborates people from every walk of like and sends them on their destined path! I chose Joanna to be my business partner on a workshop because she sees people as people and not a number. Her prices are most certainly reasonable and she is eager to help. There isn’t a course she hasn’t been on nor a contact she doesn’t have!”

Hayley Johnson; UK

“Thanks to the ”Job Search Power Workshop” which was organized by Joanna, I felt much more secure and confident during the actual job interview. Joanna also worked on my CV with me. I got a job within few weeks after working with Joanna. “

Malgorzata Matyja; Poland

”Dear Joanna, thank you for your beautiful presentation of ”Communication Workshop”. I liked your work, and the creative way you did your comprehensive task.’’

Zahra Mousavi; Iran

“With the help of JO(B)ANNA, I was able to connect with the right people that allowed me to land a very successful interview! Thank you JO(B)ANNA!”

Daphne White; US

”After a meeting with Joanna where I explained to her what I was trying to accomplish, she started not onl improving my resume but also recommending me how to behave in an interview, where to find job-seekers and ways to network and sell myself. She approaches her work in a very friendly and professional way and she cares about her clients. She listened to me and understood what my needs were. Alongside this, Joanna is a person who knows how to motivate her clients.’’

Josefina Martos Munoz; Spain

”Joanna is enthusiastic, friendly and honest person and you will be lucky to have her as your coach.’’

Veronica Aguirre; Bolivia

”Joanna and I met through a class we were taking together here in The Hague. Once I found out what she did, I was hooked! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise, but she is also very good friend. She has knowledge of Dutch employment that expats can really appreciate! She is professional, motivational, and checks up on you. I have recommended Joanna to several people in need of help.”

Sara Baus-Shoffit; US

”Joanna is very friendly and helpful, very enthusiastic about her mission in life. She is a very pro-active career and life coach, and I am happy to recommend her.”

Frank Patterson; UK

”Great place to discover how to ”Connect with your Dream Job’‘, meet new people, share ideas and exchange experiences! Love it all the way.”

Maja Todorovic; Serbia 

23 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I met Joanna few years ago… She was bringing the joy of life and a smile on our faces… In the beginning I thought that she is just polite with the other people, having a good word for everyone, like most of us are usually do… But during the years I discovered that she really cares about people, she really wants to help when possible! And if she is asking you “how are you”, she really wants to know how you are, and she looking into your eyes paying attention at your answer. For all these reasons and for many others Joanna is a very special person to me! And I truly appreciate her friendship and her knowledge!…

    1. Dear Lia, Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated. I have never knew once I started with coaching and set up the ”Connect with your dream job” support group that I will not only help others but at the same time meet wonderful people as yourself.

  2. Joanna is very positive, open and enthusiastic person, she helps to find the potential that everyone has inside 🙂 I can recommend meetings with her, especially ”Connect with your dream job” workshop where we can also meet other people.

    1. Dear Agata, Thank you for your words of recommendation. It was my pleasure meeting you during the ”Connect with your dream job” meetings, especially that those meeting are a huge knowledge pot for me as a coach as well. Thank you and good luck with your dream job, whenever it is.

  3. It’s been a while since I met Joanna, but I can still remember her positive energy! She made my dreams become clear and she did it in a loving & gentle style 🙂 She didn’t push me into her ideas about me, she managed to guide me to discover my own goals. Thank you Joanna!

    1. Dear Ula, I remember you :). You were very eager to find out what is your calling and you did it fabulously. I hope your realised dreams are getting closer to the reality. Good luck with what ever you are up to. All the best and thank you for writing your kind words, much appreciated.

  4. Dear Joanna, I was totally impressed by your Social skills to connect everybody at your meetings. Your positive attitude is what I found most important at the meeting, as people are mostly down because they cant find the job they want. Please inspire more people and keep up the positive and supporting attitude.

    1. Dear Mona, I am even more inspired thanks to what you have wrote. Thank you, that mean a lot to me. Enjoy your every day and good luck at your work, wherever and what ever it is 🙂

  5. During the coaching course I have taken in The Hague, Joanna was our co-trainer. I appreciate, that she has shared her personal experience as an ex-student and practicing coach. Always helpful and friendly, willing to listen and hear what are you saying. I believe that as a coach she brings creative ideas and more important she is there for the person needing her.

    Ilona Preiksaite, NL

  6. Dear Ilona, it was a pleasure meeting you and I am happy you managed to learn something from me during those 10 months of the coaching & counseling training. Wish you all the best in your coaching journey. Joanna

  7. By coincidence in my search to find cooperation with a non-staff coach I met Joanna and meanwhile it got to me that my own goals were in need of getting clear and worked on. The continuous (non-fake) interest&optimism, support and methods&insights of Joanna helped me through and setup my next journey to get to my dreamjob/life. For sure it’s good to have Joanna in your circles.

    1. Thank you Pascal for sharing your coaching experience with JO(B)ANNA – Dream Job Diva Career & Life Coaching 🙂 I certainly hope to see your journey develop even further. You are a fighter! Good Luck!

  8. I met Joanna at one of her workshops, while I was looking for a job in the Netherlands I had just moved in. I have to admit that my experience by that time with “coaches” was not that good, but Joanna made the difference; she was cheerful, positive, friendly but also devoted to her mission! She made me feel much more confident and at ease about taking the next steps forward and start my career as an entrepreneur!

  9. Dear Tonia, I am happy that you were able to turn around stressful situation of not having a job and turn it into a successful and fun ”Dream Job”, your own business – each time one of my coachee is finding the creative way to bring money home I am proud! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 & good luck with what ever you do!!!

  10. Dear Asiu, You do a great job. You help others to discover themselves, their hidden talents and their enormous inner power. Most people focus on people’s external metamorphosis (make up, clothing, hairdressing). You, however, focus on one’s inner change. Your warmth and joyfulness, your methods during the workshop, give people lots of positive energy, belief in themselves and in the future. You dare to dream and belief that dreams can come true. This is the only way to get prepared for the application interview.The kind of person one is, their personality, is the most important aspect of this interview. Keep continuing this way, Asiu. You are doing a great job and are helping a lot of people. Not only do you make one’s career boost. You do much more. You give them a new way of living. Lots of love, Grazyna

    1. Dear Grazynko, You are awesome, I did not even know that the last Sunday Femininity Workshop made such an impact on someone. I am glad and touch that those few hours made a difference. I had fun too 🙂 Double, Trippe Thank you for your kind, warm and positive words on my work 🙂

  11. I see Joanna as a committed and enthusiastic coach. She knows how to stimulate you and bring you above “the water surface” again. Thanks to our relaxing and trustful talks I finally woke up and learned how to get the best out of myself in a respectful way. Even when I thought I would not manage with my plans she was there for me to shake me and push me forward. Thanks to her guidance and coaching, I have regain my strength and I can fly again. This is now my motto: “the sky is the limit”. Besides her roll of professional coach, Joanna is a very pleasant person and great friend. Thank you lovely JO(B)ANNA :-*

  12. Dear Diana, Thank you for being such a good coachee and for sharing your story with others. I wish you more cloudless skies, Your Life Coach – JO(B)ANNA – Dream Job Diva

  13. I have known Joanna as a colleague, both of us being counsellors/ coaches.
    Joanna is a very enthusiastic person, she brings a fresh way of looking at things and has good ideas and an original way of thinking.
    She’s pleasant to talk to, she loves people and can bring a great insight into every conversation.
    She’s sharp, clever and super positive- a thing which I believe is extremely important for a therapist who does what Joanna does.
    When someone is asking for a career coach, I’m always happy to recommend Joanna as an expert.
    Noa Brume, Counsellor and Coach, http://www.NBmove.com

  14. I had one and only session. I wish I had more! It was great experience! I was crying, laughing and going really deep in whats inside my mind. I had good homework too. After meeting with Joanna some things in my mind just have opened and I look at things a little but different. Thank you

  15. Dear Noa and Beata, thank you a lot for your kind words. It was my pleasure to be of your assistance and support. Looking forward to meeting you again. – Your Career & Life Coach – JO(B)ANNA – Dream Job Diva

  16. Once upon a time ;-)…no, no it was just few years ago, when I met Joanna; new immigrant in NL, looking for friends, job, networking; I found all of them through Jo(b)Anna; I participated of few meetings, workshops and sessions for preparation for interviews; I remember like now, when I called Joanna desperate and scared that I need urgent help…and I received it…with no previous appointment; and the training was fantastic! And here I am …after 2 years, with a job, permanent contract now…
    Thank you Joanna, you are on that list of precious people which helped me to re-discover myself and to continue to grow.

  17. Dear Antonia,
    Thank you for your honest and beautiful words, you made me share a tear:) I am happy I decided to go this direction, as I am able to meet such wonderful, open, and precious people like yourself. Thank you for being you and for sharing your story here with others.

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