Dream Job Diva – JO(B)ANNA is all about people, as without them there will be no possibility to prepare / organized / run and  facilitate workshops / one – on –one sessions and group sessions.

Seeing how other people change while they are participating in the group session or one-on-one meeting, confirm each time I have made the best decision ever.

Dream Job Diva started as an Inspiring Career Coaching and through time, personal training and experience, developed into Life & Career Coaching, as I strongly believe that work is a huge part of our life. If we are happy in our personal life we are better performing in our professional area. If we are motivated and appreciated at work  we are more likely to deliver for ourselves, our bosses and our families and friends.

Dream Job Diva is open to clients from all over the world as long you are willing to work on yourself, you are already on a good track to achieve all you put your mind to it.

The sessions are in English and / or Polish languages.


do you think of going abroad, but do not know if this is for you

are you already a while outside your home country and still or just feel homesick and at the same time you feel you are not understood and not in a good place and not appreciated

are you thinking of going back home or changing the country

have you been placed  to work in another country (or your spouse) (you are stressed out because of a new place to live, work, new colleagues and family at the same time)

have you  finished the study, terminated a contract, or you wish to return into the labor market after maternity leave, you have been working for a long time at one workplace or you are just looking for new challenges of a new work

are you thinking of starting your own business and / or revamping the existing one – and you do need objective person to look at your ideas and conduct creative brainstorming

do you wonder what does it mean to be a woman nowadays  – which role are you playing  – are you mother, wife, daughter, sister, business woman, housewife or all of the above together – how your family, friends and coworkers see you and treat you – are you satisfy

do you wish to change your life  / change something but you are still not certain what it is

 Than Dream Job Diva’s

Career & Life Coaching

is for YOU!


THE HAGUE  -> face to face

VIRTUALLY   -> via Skype or phone


One- on – one sessions for Career & Life Coaching:

CV makeover / Self development /  Interview technique /  Creative brainstorming /  Setting up your goals /  Discover your skills & strengths /  Pump up your self-esteem /  Finding your place in life /  Where / how to look for a friend in a new environment


”Job Interview” /  ”Self Development” / ”Dream job in action”

 Group meetings in the past:
 ”Connect with your dream job” -> support group for those who searched for a job

For more information and / or to book contact me via : 

Facilitated and organized by  Dream Job Diva

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