Coaching Service

for mothers, students, expats, for those who search for a new life, new work, new goals.

Are you a passionate person following your dream or searching for one?

Do you desire to change your personal or professional life?

Coach supports you
with your personal and professional growth and assists you achieve your goals
by asking specific questions and creating a plan of action for you.

Joanna Trawińska – Dream Job Diva started as an Inspiring Career Coaching. This through time, personal training, development and experience evolved into Virtual and Face to Face Life & Career Coaching.

I strongly believe that work is a tremendous part of our life and our personal life has a enormous influence on our professional behavior and actions.

Your Coach, Joanna is open for clients from all over the world, who are willing to work on themselves. If you only put your mind into your desires all is possible.


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Virtual or Face to Face sessions  in English or Polish.

Monday-Friday / Not regular hours
Paid by the hour

Our clients:

Individual Clients
UniqIM PEH Consults
De Haagse Hogeschool
EuroPort Business School 
Webster Leiden University
Vereniging van Poolse Vrouwen

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