Be a child in order to grow…

“Be a child in order to grow to see things from different perspective “
A while ago I have attended V.I.P. training run by Open The Door Leadership (currently re-branded and named AZKUA) were the topics were as follow:

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Compassion
  • Shame Resilience

Wow, what a 3 day training it was!!! What a powerful and positive energy and what an eye opening process. Loved what one of as told us “what’s easy for you it’s probably your strength “ – thank you for it.

While discussing the Failure, other person said that acronym of fail stands for:

  • F – First
  • A – Attempt
  • I – In
  • L – Learning

So lets keep learning!!!

If you wanna know more or you wish to become a participant of VIP training just drop a line to Manuela Damant or Dagmar Hopf – two lovely coaches who run this powerful professional training program.

Love it – happy to meet all the wonderful ladies!!!

The best thing is we all mirror each other as it seems we all have the same fears, feelings and dreams, how amazing, as we can support each other.

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Everything is learnable…

Working from home doesn’t mean I don’t get a chance to meet other people.

Into the contrary as a self employed it is crucial to go out for:

  • Social events to recharge the batteries & to clear the busy mind, we need rest & fun activities to balance life
  • Networking events which is crucial to our businesses, as they say it doesn’t matter what you know, it does matter who you know!!!
  • Conferences, workshops & trainings to keep us up to date & learning.

The other Friday I had a pleasure to participate in the Connect2Grow – Mentoring Circle under umbrella of Rise and Lead Women by Ebere Akadiri. It was great opportunity to learn something new. Moreover, a huge eye opener & relief to find out that I’m not alone. Blanca Lilia Vergara had an amazing presentation. I knew she was great before but it was super to discover it again.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the event:

  • “Grow needs change, so change your habits” “You are unlimited”
  • “Every thing is learnable”
  • “Society needs us to do only one thing… Everything “
  • ”It’s easier to say what you don’t want than to express what you really want”
  • “In order to be in balance we need to be open for more and be content with where we are at this moment “

So great to reconnect and see new faces.

What is your experience with Virtual Assistant?

Do you know you could outsource your time consuming tasks to Virtual / Remote Assistant?

Just had a pleasure to participate in Zoom session created by BASE Conference “How to get free PR and become the authority in your field”. The charming and resourceful guest Simone Vincenzi shared with us some valuable tips for running free PR for our small businesses – thank you.

Though he also said few interesting things regarding VA:

“Remember building a business is not doing everything on your own… …Idea is to outsource as fast as possible …

… Be clear on what you wish to outsource first, before hiring Virtual Assistant…”

Also BASE Conference founders mentioned: “…we also have VA & we are love it & could not do it all without it…”

Thank you for giving the visibility to Virtual Assistants and sharing your opinion on it.

What is your experience hiring Virtual Assistant?

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Why in XXI the slavery still exist?

In the past year, I came across human trafficking issue, called also a modern slavery, a forced labor. This is beyond the dream job. The fact that still in XXI century people kidnap and trick others to show their power and gain lots of money made me angry, sad and hopeless. 

Somewhere in the spring of 2013, I went for brilliantly organised by students Conference at The Hague University (HHS) “Global Capitalism and Modern-Day Slavery Conference 2013 – From Forced Labour to Labour Force”. I was able to listen to the debate between professors regarding the economic, cultural and global aspects of the modern slavery.  IMG_0650 

Moreover, students prepared very entertaining, interesting and knowledgeable workshop brining us to the early days of the Dutch slavery showing the cruelty and dehumanisation of the man kind. One of the unresolved discussion, was shall the Dutch royalty still be using the Dutch Golden Carriage. The decoration includes slaves elements.

Here is a thought, we did not change at all. In a different way, more subtle and under other circumstances we bring even more harm and agony to those who are not able to defense themselves, especially children and women. Unfortunately this problem occurs all over the world. It is  not only the problem of small or poor countries.

The final drop to my sadness during this conference was the presentation done by Saskia Wishart, who was representing Not for Sale organisation, helping those who entered into the prostitution.

On the same topic, one of the ToP members, is also working for years helping prostitutes. Both are silent fighters against the human trafficking.  Listen to all the stories made me sad, however also it made me happy that there are organisations like Not for Sale which are actually having a concrete idea while helping those who got into the prostitution / human trafficking world. 

I was thinking of writing this post after the conference as I was under a huge impression especially of the actions of Not for Sale, but as usual the life is happening and I was too busy to really clearly and passionately write about it.

Than one day I was browsing on (the portal with Polish series) and came across ”Na Krawedzi” (”On the Edge”) which is very much connected to the topic. The main women character was raped years back, and those who supposed to help her (police, judge etc…) were actually doing everything in their power to made her look bad. Humiliated and hurt she is coming back after approximately twenty years as a powerful woman. She runs a foundation for women who were abused by men, who were human trafficked. At the same time, not recognised by the oppressors, she is seeking the revenge. I was nicely surprised by the fact that normally while watching the criminal series we tend to guess what will happened next and who is actually guilty. This time till the end, till the last thirteen episode, I was constantly surprised.

Finally, last week I was reading an article in ”Wysokie Obcasy” (”High Heels”) a Polish weekly women magazine, an addition to the daily newspaper. The article was again regarding the human trafficking and prostitution. Actually it was about a woman, a journalist, a feminist fighting for years with those who try to earn tones on the misery of others. It was a story of brave Mexican Lydia Cacho who writes about sexual violence against children and women.

All together, it is too much, why slavery, human trafficking, forced labour are still in place and who is actually going to stop it. After all the above, talking about the dream job it seems so surreal and inappropriate. While some are struggling to survive in pain, humiliation and in captivity far away from the loved one, others are seems to be miserable when they have to work for a profession / company out of their desire. Does that make any sense…? 

Why do you need networking for?

New in town, looking to do business with new people, searching for a job, getting new friends or simply finally have a chance to meet people you have not seen for a long time…?


There are a lot of networking events you may experience during the whole year long. Some of them are very expensive, for some you do need to be a member or be invited by such. And there are networking events when you simply do not need to pay at all the only thing is to enjoy. Repetitive networking event is one of my favorite one, as you are getting the familiar, friendly feeling of knowing almost everyone there. 

One of such event in The Hague is THIN (The Hague International Network) it used to be organized by the KVK (The Hague Chamber of Commerce) and now since last summer it is run by Andrew Van Esch owner or The Guest Card.

The beauty of the THIN is that first and for most it is in English. Furthermore, great concept of this network is to meet each time at different location / business. That way all participants not only meet new people but also get to experience and discover new businesses in The Hague. And finally what I like about it, it is a friendly atmosphere. See you at the next THIN

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When the women get together…

Couple weeks ago I went for a morning meeting with women entrepreneurs in the lovely area of the Old Rijswijk. It was not a general networking meeting as you could suspect. upward spiral logo (2) 

It was more a business meeting where two businesswomen: Cathy Delhanty and Jolanda Adrianus, were introducing to us their vision of a new event to come at the begin of March, 3th March to be precise.

Their vision is to create an event for 500 women. They are already succeeding. It is an event made by women for women.

Who said that women cannot do anything constructive? Women are strong, creative, daring and passionate. Even though women may be more jealous of each other once they believe in a better cause they will give their soul and heart to create and bring to the reality their vision.

For more than five years I have been part of several women clubs: Connecting Women and ToP – Association of Polish Women to mentioned only few. Each of them have different approach, each of them have a networking purpose but I have never seen a vision created in such a short period of time to be happening. More and more women are joining on the ”upward spiral” Facebook page, it is amazing – I have not met all of those women in person and yet I have connected with some of them a big time. Amazing.

In Poland there is a proverb:” where there are six cooking women there for sure will not be anything to eat”. Nothing further from the true – I truly believe where more than two women get together, there will be something amazing and powerful happening.

I dare all women to come together and support each other, either you are business woman and need another business woman to brainstorm and make your business grow; or you are two mothers who do need a helpful hand with each other kids, or you are women who are searching for work or simply willing to go shopping together. Do it! Get together and assist each other. We do need other woman in our life as only they can understand and know why we do what we do… 

Others writing about this event:

”Women who work together grow together”

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Stress reducing activities – Dancing

Cold, rainy day what is better than staying at home with hot chocolate, comfortable on the couch. Well there are some other options to meet new people, to do what you love and at the end to forget about anything and everything…

We are all busy, sometimes too busy to stop for a moment and reflect what makes you happy,  what brings you joy and in a stressful situation helps to survive. I know it, as when I was stressed, especially while searching for a job and not getting any positive reactions back, instead of doing what made me happy I was focusing more and more on being stress…

More stress creates more problems, you get a headache or a stomach pain and you became angry and frustrated, start being unpleasant towards your loved ones… Not the nicest person ever, and if you are in such state do you think somebody else who just met you and is able to receive your negativity is willing to have you around, is willing to hire you…??? Absolutely NOT. 

Therefore, start right now – look around, ask yourself:

  • ”What makes me happy?” or
  • ”What can I do to forget my problem at least for few hours?”

For me the best way to reduce stress and become free and happy person is dancing. I simply love dancing regardless of the style. Put a music and my body does the dance if I want it or not:). Even my mother used to say that when I was little each time the music was on my whole body was moving in the rhythm of it. 

Last night friend of mine and at the same time my belly dance teacher Zahara, was organising Arabic Night Party.

Last night was cold and I was not really in the mood of going out, ready to crawl on my couch and watch some TV. However due to the fact I have already experience Zahara’s party last year and she is my friend, therefore I didn’t want to disappoint her I put myself together and went, with a plan in my head I will be back home within an hour. Nothing further from the truth, seeing so many familiar faces and the most important hearing wonderful Arabic and Latin music (forgot to mention my belly dance teacher is of Venezuelan origin), I couldn’t resist I needed to dance. I am so glad I did come to the Arabic Party – it was the best present I could give myself, moreover I received so many positive comments on my style of dancing that it made my day. 

The final culminate moment of the party was when Zahara began to dance into accompaniment of the drums  of Sattar. Unforgettable, and even better as Sattar was kind enough to let me play with him. Well I was just improvising but again I am good at it following Improvisation Theater.Dia1

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