Old – New ”Connect with your dream job” workshops from 2014

Since 2010 I have been facilitating ”Connect with your dream job” (CWYDJ) support meetings under the umbrella of JO(B)ANNADream Job Diva Career and Life Coaching, and Connecting Women. Now I wish to thank Connecting Women for giving me a chance to start up the group under their organisation and promoting and supporting it. Thanks to it, I was able to grow as a coach and a facilitator.

As of January 2014 ”Connect with your dream job” will be run only under the umbrella of JO(B)ANNADream Job Diva – Career and Life Coaching, and as always it will be facilitated by JO(B)ANNA.

The idea of being a support, for those who are searching for a job, remains the main issue of the workshops, however there will be some changes:

CWYDJ  will be paid – 10,- euro per workshop;

CWYDJ will have a form of a structured workshop, than just a support group meeting, however there               will be a room as always to share and learn from each other as that was the biggest assets               of each meeting;

CWYDJ will take 2 hours;

CWYDJ will be for women and men;

CWYDJ minimum amount of participant 2 – maximum amount of participant 10;

CWYDJ will take place in The Hague, unless you arrange a group and location elsewhere;

For dates and time please check this Dream Job Diva blog regularly and / or the Facebook Dream Job Diva Coaching Page.

To book the workshop session(s) send an e-mail: info@dreamjobdiva.com.  

Thank you for choosing JO(B)ANNA – Dream Job Diva Career and Life Coaching.

See you in 2014! 





Have you invested in yourself enough?

Why do you need to invest in yourself? Why do you need a coach? Why do you need Career & Life Coach?

Most of us think that the Career Coach is the last resource while searching for a job, we should go for. It is most of the time an expensive tool to not 100% certain results at the end. IMG_0102

Well, yes and no.

As all the results really do depend on you, a person who is searching for something new… For a new job because your current boss will not prolong your contract or because the current work doesn’t fulfill your needs. For a new adventure, as most of the people want change but they are afraid to do something about it. For those who are not willing to change a job but are unhappy or missing something.

You do not need to quit a job or be fired in order to make a difference in your professional life, which will improve your personal one.

Coach, regardless if it is a career, life, personal, spiritual, partner or else related will never guaranteed you a success. However, realizing that you are not able to handle your ideas, dreams, goals, desires on your own and searching for a supportive and professional help of the coach is a first step towards the success. Towards your success.

Career Coach is not needed only when you are at the edge and you are one day before the job interview and you in panic need him/her to train you for it or to check your CV five minutes before sending another job application. How often have you succeeded preparing for something 5 minutes before?

Career Coach is needed already when you are in your steady, comfortable working zone. When you know you still have a contract and resources to invest in order to prepare yourself for a change. In order to invest in your personal and professional development. In order to benefit from it soon.

A change is not necessary when you will get redundant. A change is when you will get an opportunity at your current job to apply internally for more satisfying position or externally for better paid one. Sitting comfortable for 10 – 15 years in one company will not guarantee you will have this job till your retirement. Maybe after having a baby, or meeting a sexy woman/handsome man you will feel a desire to change your life, country, career and for that as for everything in your life you shall be prepared.

Career Coach will help you while collecting your professional awards, information, in your portfolio. Preparing for job interview. Working on yourself in order to find out who  you are and what exactly you do want from life.

All those activities should never stop and should not only be reminded when you are in a depressive, dark mood, afraid of not having enough sources to support your family.

Invest in yourself now, develop new skills, learn about yourself with Career & Life Coach to benefit in the future.

Dream Job Diva


My impresion as PR team member of POLONUS 2012

As some of you might know, I have been volunteering as a PR member / coordinator and workshops / groups facilitator almost for five years now for many different non-profit organisations: ACCESS, Connecting Women, POWERtalk International, Academy for Counselling and Coaching, Miss Poland and now POLONUS, here in The Netherlands.

I must say, being a volunteer is an unforgettable experience. During all those years, I have met the most amazing people from all over the world and I have learn quite a lot. I had a chance to be on TV as well as on the radio, which otherwise it will never happened.

Needless to say, most of my PR and Facilitator tasks I master on my own, which I should be proud of. Moreover, all those years paid off last August, rewarding me with an exciting, challenging new job I do next to my coaching, and only because I have had years of experience with people and public relations.

So do not hesitate and if you do have a chance to do some volunteer work (in your area of expertise of in area of your interest) do it, you really never know when you will get rewarded and recognized for it.

My last voluntary task was within PR team for promoting POLONUS. An non-profit organisation working on improving the image of Polish people in The Netherlands. What more closer to my heart being Polish woman here in this country of tulips… I will not discuss the behind the scene daily PR tasks as most of you may know what it encounter, what I want is to share with you the last moments of it, as POLONUS was ending with a Gala announcing elected Pole of the year 2012.

Those who are far away from home, will understand my nostalgic feelings towards the wonderful Polish artists who decided to be a part of that evening and play for Polish people. 

Kayah a beautiful, warm woman, recognised as a fantastic singer. She grown in my eyes after seeing her twice, first the day before the concert in the Polish embassy, where she was acting as a normal person, discussing her shopping preference and the most important not being a diva and the center of attention (which she was anyway due to being a star). During the concert she was a star, a singer, a dancer and a stand-up comedian, which I never know about her – therefore she is official my favorite Polish artist. At the same time she was giving a space and time to other artist to shine. One need to be very much grounded and knowing him/herself well enough to be brave and smart to make jokes as she was making and letting go so others can be seen first – excellent. 

Marcin Wyrostek a lovely, young man, who won Poland Got Talent  – I must admit till the concert I did not know his talent at all. However due to the fact that since I was a child my father is playing almost at every family event the accordion and / or piano, Marcin was close to my heart with his music. His music immediately brought me closer to my family and my father. And again, very normal, humble person, constantly smiling and willing to talk to everyone, wonderful.

The concert itself was a combination of a huge talent of every each of the person on the stage, seriously everyone was giving its best, presenting on a high level. Combining with the act of the lights, emphasizing even more the music and /or the musician who was at that moment actually playing.

And last but not least, I admire Redbad Klijnstra  for his language skills. Most of foreigns don’t take time to learn my language as in most cases they are able to communicate in English. Seeing Redbad navigating in between Polish and Dutch on the stage gave me an inspiration to be as good as he is in his language – Dutch – thank you for that.

My most memorable moment was few hours before the official concert. Sitting in the empty theater and seeing Kayah, Marcin and Coloriage band on stage in their daily cloths, making jokes and preparing for the concert.    It was as they were singing only for me. One fantastic night! Thank you for that. 

One more thing to add to all this, is that I never known there are such smart, intelligent, professional and wonderful Polish people, who were taking their time and effort to do voluntary job as myself. I am glad to meet them and I am proud I can call some of them my friends now. 


Dream Job Diva

Maintaining the Positive Thinking with Noa Brume

In November JO(B)ANNA was facilitating another ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting.

Myself, I did not expected what has happened during the meeting. We were 12 women from countries such as: The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia, UK and Poland.

I am always trying to make each meeting a bit different than the last one, especially that I had few ladies who came for the second time and one special lady Maja who was there at the very fist meeting in 2010. We just realized that time flies and it seems we should celebrate as ”Connect with your dream job” exist already more than 2 years.

So this time I decided to led all the ladies to have some fun and burst their creativity by asking them to draw with colors their names. I basically asked them to create the logo. Amazing what we have explored while explaining what and why we put as our logo. See on the photo some of it.

When asked what this exercise gave them the outcome was as follow:

  • I got inspired by others while listening their stories;
  • I did not know this about myself till now;
  • I was able to find myself through the creativity;
  • I saw I am not alone;
  • Amazing that I was able to express myself in such short time and in front of the strangers;
  • I was always focusing on finding a job, but not on what exactly I wish to do;

Those women arrived to the meeting with their own expectations, wishes and needs, of course with the main idea in mind of finding a job:

  • they wanted to see what is others experience in that matter;
  • they wanted to have fun;
  • they were curios;
  • they wanted to network and meet new people who are in the same situation;
  • for some it was the first step in order to take care of themselves and to keep up psychologically fit knowing that within few months they will be unemployed.

I was happy that all of the women were gentle with each other and open to share the deepest thoughts and were not afraid of tears and bad emotion. So important to feel safe, to be able to express yourself. We cannot keep everything inside, we do need to led our feelings to be heard.

I also had a surprise for the participants as previous participant Noa Brume agreed to share her knowledge and expertise to present for 20 minutes. Noa took as in to the optimistic world of positive thinking. Her warm voice and friendly attitude was welcoming others to be relax and just absorb the wisdom of Noa. The main idea I took it from her was:

”You need to control your attitude towards what you are thinking. You are not able to control the thoughts but you are able to control what you are about to do with them”.

In this case following Noa we shall personalized our thoughts and have dialog with them and at the same time we shall be active and try to replace the pessimistic / bad thoughts with new and positive one.

Thank you Noa for being brave and presenting your knowledge so other women can benefit from your wisdom.

For such meetings I am doing what I am doing. The amazing amount of positive energy and warmth just gave me a lot of energy to go further with my other tasks during the day. We all went with a gift as every one of us received 3 complements / positive words to take it with them home. 

I must say I needed a handkerchief as I was not able to hide tears, they were good tears –  I call them the fountain of joy:).

Dream Job Diva

No matter what – be yourself !!!

JO(B)ANNA again facilitated in October the ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting in The Hague. New people, new location, new approach and new, inspiring outcome after all.

Six women from all over the world. Six women in different age with diverse life and work experience. Six women with unusual aspirations and dreams regarding their careers and yet six so similar, so understanding and so spiritual women. One special and eye opening morning with wonderful people, I personally learn a lot. 

The main aim for most of the participants was: 

  • Find out other dreams;
  • Get clarity;
  • Find out how to turn ideas into action;
  • Discover how to be visible in order to be found (both as an employee and as a business owner) / how to sell yourself, your services, your products; 
  • Connecting with people;
  • Learning more about social media;
  • How to overcome the big gap on your CV, during the job interview; 
  • Stop being stuck and terrify – to overcome the fear coming from the rejection; 
  • To get a courage to go places and meet people;

The above images, where randomly chosen by all of us. Each illustration was an reflection of our feeling at the particular moment, and again we all were bubbling towards the same direction. We all had very similar first impressions and associations.

No matter who we are, where we are and what we do, we do need to be ourselves, as that is the only possibility to be happy. Being happy attract the positive energy. We are than surrounded by positive people and finally we receiving what we desire.

Though remember that in order to receive something you cannot be passive! Actively awaiting for the dream, gives more chances to achieve it. So do not wait, do something but no matter what be yourself.

Dream Job Diva