Dream Job of Seiko Fujiwara

I have met Seiko in 2009. We both we volunteers of ACCESS. In 2009, together with other girlfriends,  we created CV group, that was the beginning of Connect with your dream job. Even though Seiko left The Netherlands, she is still my friend and I hope one day we will have a chance to meet again. 

Name:               Seiko Fujiwara 

Country/City:     Japan/Tokyo

What is your dream?    seiko
Being happy always. No matter how, I just want to feel happy.

What is my dream job?
Maybe something creative and challenging. Job is a really important element of my life. Through working, I can feel my identity, “I’m here”. In other words, a job I can feel identity is my dream job.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?
I’m in the way. Just try, do everything I can do, get opportunities I can take.
After coming back to Japan from the 7.5 years stay in the Netherlands, I started to study design. Even though I had enough experiences as a software developer, I could not give up to work as a creator. At that point I was already over 40 years which is the age some people may think it’s too old to start a new thing, but I didn’t think so, and tried it.
The result of that I think I got a step ahead. At this moment I’m standing on the point which might change my life. I’ll keep trying, and in that way I will be able to achieve my dream I believe.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?
Know what you really want and need. Don’t get swayed by others. Keep yourself. And go for it.

Who are you?
I’m a Japanese woman who is living in Tokyo, working as a system analyst, but dreaming of working as a creator. I love designed, beautiful things. 🙂

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My impresion as PR team member of POLONUS 2012

As some of you might know, I have been volunteering as a PR member / coordinator and workshops / groups facilitator almost for five years now for many different non-profit organisations: ACCESS, Connecting Women, POWERtalk International, Academy for Counselling and Coaching, Miss Poland and now POLONUS, here in The Netherlands.

I must say, being a volunteer is an unforgettable experience. During all those years, I have met the most amazing people from all over the world and I have learn quite a lot. I had a chance to be on TV as well as on the radio, which otherwise it will never happened.

Needless to say, most of my PR and Facilitator tasks I master on my own, which I should be proud of. Moreover, all those years paid off last August, rewarding me with an exciting, challenging new job I do next to my coaching, and only because I have had years of experience with people and public relations.

So do not hesitate and if you do have a chance to do some volunteer work (in your area of expertise of in area of your interest) do it, you really never know when you will get rewarded and recognized for it.

My last voluntary task was within PR team for promoting POLONUS. An non-profit organisation working on improving the image of Polish people in The Netherlands. What more closer to my heart being Polish woman here in this country of tulips… I will not discuss the behind the scene daily PR tasks as most of you may know what it encounter, what I want is to share with you the last moments of it, as POLONUS was ending with a Gala announcing elected Pole of the year 2012.

Those who are far away from home, will understand my nostalgic feelings towards the wonderful Polish artists who decided to be a part of that evening and play for Polish people. 

Kayah a beautiful, warm woman, recognised as a fantastic singer. She grown in my eyes after seeing her twice, first the day before the concert in the Polish embassy, where she was acting as a normal person, discussing her shopping preference and the most important not being a diva and the center of attention (which she was anyway due to being a star). During the concert she was a star, a singer, a dancer and a stand-up comedian, which I never know about her – therefore she is official my favorite Polish artist. At the same time she was giving a space and time to other artist to shine. One need to be very much grounded and knowing him/herself well enough to be brave and smart to make jokes as she was making and letting go so others can be seen first – excellent. 

Marcin Wyrostek a lovely, young man, who won Poland Got Talent  – I must admit till the concert I did not know his talent at all. However due to the fact that since I was a child my father is playing almost at every family event the accordion and / or piano, Marcin was close to my heart with his music. His music immediately brought me closer to my family and my father. And again, very normal, humble person, constantly smiling and willing to talk to everyone, wonderful.

The concert itself was a combination of a huge talent of every each of the person on the stage, seriously everyone was giving its best, presenting on a high level. Combining with the act of the lights, emphasizing even more the music and /or the musician who was at that moment actually playing.

And last but not least, I admire Redbad Klijnstra  for his language skills. Most of foreigns don’t take time to learn my language as in most cases they are able to communicate in English. Seeing Redbad navigating in between Polish and Dutch on the stage gave me an inspiration to be as good as he is in his language – Dutch – thank you for that.

My most memorable moment was few hours before the official concert. Sitting in the empty theater and seeing Kayah, Marcin and Coloriage band on stage in their daily cloths, making jokes and preparing for the concert.    It was as they were singing only for me. One fantastic night! Thank you for that. 

One more thing to add to all this, is that I never known there are such smart, intelligent, professional and wonderful Polish people, who were taking their time and effort to do voluntary job as myself. I am glad to meet them and I am proud I can call some of them my friends now. 


Dream Job Diva

POLONUS – a new chapter in my life – a new chapter for the candidates of the election of ”Polish person of the year 2012”

Do you know the Polish proverb: ‘’where the doors are closing, the windows are getting opened’’, which in short translations means that once some actions / projects / activities are about to finished (or you do let go of your past) there are new opportunities arising / about to appear.

The same happens to me. After a long time of puzzling shall I step out from the Connecting Women board as their PR Coordinator or not, I finally made a decision and closed some chapter in my life. It was not the easy decision, however once I have made it I felt lighter and I knew I have made the right decision.

Finally, I thought I will have some more time for my personal activities. Not for long though.

I cannot stay still and of course I do need to be active and involved in creative, interesting and close to my heart projects. And Universe apparently does know me better than I do myself. So from a while I am again involved in another PR activities as a PR team member of the PR team of POLONUShttp://www.polonus.nl/.  

This wonderful, young organization aim to introduce to foreign people (especially within The Netherlands), the good face of Poland and its citizens living in and outside the country. As from last year they also organizing annual event: ”Polish person of the year 20… within The Netherlands”, great initiative (I can only feel pity I was not informed and involved in previous project).

As from July 2012 POLONUS is a new chapter in my life. Together with new, wonderful, creative and amazing Polish people I have a chance to make a difference in building a great image of fantastic, business minded, warm and friendly Polish people and Poland itself. It is very important chapter in my life as it is not only to benefit myself but improve and show better side of my compatriots living within The Netherlands. I myself did not know they are some great and wise people as you could already see, the finalists of the last year contest: http://www.polonus.nl/pl/kandydaci/

Few weeks back I had a meeting in Utrecht with people involved in PR team of POLONUS and I am proud to be a part of these group. I am happy to find out that there are Polish people who care and who wish to make a difference. Smart and intelligent, full of energy and initiative Polish people who work hard to achieve more and who are not afraid to spare some already busy time in order to  volunteer for a good cause.

I am proud to get to know those people, I believe we all will benefit from the mutual cooperation at this project. We can learn so much one from another.

It is so important to be involved in activities outside your household and  / or work as those activities will bring you new friends. It will give you the opportunity to learn / improve new skills, will broader your horizons and at the end may change your life. If you looking for a job or wish to change your career, doing some voluntary work within field of your interest / experience or totally new can make a difference and for sure will be well appreciated by your future managers.

Volunteering is also a great networking opportunity as well as a stress release activities as they do differ from your daily life tasks.

So don’t sit home wondering: what if; or pity yourself that you do not have anything to do, go and find yourself some voluntary activities. Once you do that please share with us your own experience …

 Dream Job Diva 

There is a time to say: ‘’Goodbye’’ and time to open a new chapter in everybody’s life…

Dear All,

For past 4 years you have been seeing me on-line and off-line promoting and cheering on behalf of Connecting Women as their PR Coordinator.

The time has came to make a painful and adult decision and to step out from the position, as much as enjoyable and energizing it was.

I decided to focus on my business, on my Career & Life Coaching, therefore you will for sure not miss me as you will still see me promoting and cheering, however this time on behalf of myself and JO(B)ANNA.

You always can contact me via: Facebook or LinkedIn as well as via mail: info@dreamjobdiva.com, in case you do need a coach and / or simply a nice, friendly chat with a cup of coffee or tea.

Or, you can follow me on my blog: dreamjobdiva.wordpress.com, to get inspired and motivated.

There are times in our life when we do need to make a complex decision in order to be able to grow and to benefit in the future. The time has come for me and I wish to invest in myself, so others can benefit from it as well as a future clients of mine. Fulfill and happy coach will bring and give you far more for sure… 

It was an intensive and creative time spent with Connecting Women. I have met so many people (as during networking outside CW I have also met nice men who were willing to cheer for the organization), thanks to whom I have grown and saw people, life, work and business in different perspective and for that I wish to thank you all. 

You are beautiful and  stimulating humans, who are the biggest inspiration and teachers on this planet – thank you all!!! 

I have met some incredible people, I have developed and made some important, life changing decisions due to encouragement I have received from some CW members. 

The most significant one was to start my own business as a Career & Life Coach at www.dreamjobdiva.com – each time I meet and help new person I know I am on the right path. 

I wish you all to fulfill your destiny and dreams!

Dream big so you can be the most happy person once the dream comes true!!!


See you during my new adventure as a

Career & Life Coach. 

To know more what I do see:


All the best and thank you for your support and kind words during past 4 years.


Dream Job Diva – Joanna

p.s. For those who knows me via ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support group – the group is still running as it is a part of JO(B)ANNA’s service. For upcoming events please check www.dreamjobdiva.com or drop me a line info@dreamjobdiva.com