Stress reducing activities – Friends get together…

Nothing is brining you so much positive energy and pleasure than meeting your true, real friends. Sometimes in our life we have so much to do, too much to think, too much stress related to organised the household, prepare for work and still be sexy and nice for your loved one. Also when you are single and wish to find a soul mate – friends are the best to help you. In case of searching for a job, proven fact they will be the first one to connect you with the work places needing an employee. 

When we are too stress too overload with work, we just do not want to do it all, maybe we just need a day or two for ourself. The day when we can forget about all daily, routine activities and take care of ourself. 

One of the best things to do is to organised friends get together activities. Either going to the dancing club or dinner to the restaurant or simply prepare the potluck party with your friends – to eat, to meet, to great and to laugh or sometimes shopping with your friends finished with a delicious lunch and friendly talk is all what you truly need. 

Since I came back from my winter holiday to the reality I had very low energy, plus due to the crazy winter weather I was sick almost the whole time till now. Very frustrating feeling and very energy redrawing. I took it easy and I read, I slept and I watched some nice Polish series to relax. But how long you can do that?

We all do need a human contact and we all do need a friendly smile and bear hug from a person who cares and is as much as you happy to see you. This week and weekend was about my friends and myself. Giving myself to my friends gave me so much positive, happy and healthy energy that I am good to go further for the whole week of work. Simple talk and laugh with some (not forgetting the best loempia’s – rolls ever made by one of my friends during one of the potluck gatherings) and dance and photo session with others just reduce all my stress. 

I wish to thank you all my beautiful friends for being in my life as without them I will be the purest person in the world.

I wish to all of you to find the people, even one person who truly care and is there for you.

However remember, Friendship is the most important and the most fragile from all human relations if you wish to have good people around you – you do need to give and give and give and be there for them. It is not one way ticket  – as much your stress level is decreasing while you drop all bad, heavy stuff on the shoulders of your friends you need to make sure that they are getting away from your mutual meeting as much happy as you are and as less stressed as you are…


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Have you invested in yourself enough?

Why do you need to invest in yourself? Why do you need a coach? Why do you need Career & Life Coach?

Most of us think that the Career Coach is the last resource while searching for a job, we should go for. It is most of the time an expensive tool to not 100% certain results at the end. IMG_0102

Well, yes and no.

As all the results really do depend on you, a person who is searching for something new… For a new job because your current boss will not prolong your contract or because the current work doesn’t fulfill your needs. For a new adventure, as most of the people want change but they are afraid to do something about it. For those who are not willing to change a job but are unhappy or missing something.

You do not need to quit a job or be fired in order to make a difference in your professional life, which will improve your personal one.

Coach, regardless if it is a career, life, personal, spiritual, partner or else related will never guaranteed you a success. However, realizing that you are not able to handle your ideas, dreams, goals, desires on your own and searching for a supportive and professional help of the coach is a first step towards the success. Towards your success.

Career Coach is not needed only when you are at the edge and you are one day before the job interview and you in panic need him/her to train you for it or to check your CV five minutes before sending another job application. How often have you succeeded preparing for something 5 minutes before?

Career Coach is needed already when you are in your steady, comfortable working zone. When you know you still have a contract and resources to invest in order to prepare yourself for a change. In order to invest in your personal and professional development. In order to benefit from it soon.

A change is not necessary when you will get redundant. A change is when you will get an opportunity at your current job to apply internally for more satisfying position or externally for better paid one. Sitting comfortable for 10 – 15 years in one company will not guarantee you will have this job till your retirement. Maybe after having a baby, or meeting a sexy woman/handsome man you will feel a desire to change your life, country, career and for that as for everything in your life you shall be prepared.

Career Coach will help you while collecting your professional awards, information, in your portfolio. Preparing for job interview. Working on yourself in order to find out who  you are and what exactly you do want from life.

All those activities should never stop and should not only be reminded when you are in a depressive, dark mood, afraid of not having enough sources to support your family.

Invest in yourself now, develop new skills, learn about yourself with Career & Life Coach to benefit in the future.

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Stress reducing activities – Dancing

Cold, rainy day what is better than staying at home with hot chocolate, comfortable on the couch. Well there are some other options to meet new people, to do what you love and at the end to forget about anything and everything…

We are all busy, sometimes too busy to stop for a moment and reflect what makes you happy,  what brings you joy and in a stressful situation helps to survive. I know it, as when I was stressed, especially while searching for a job and not getting any positive reactions back, instead of doing what made me happy I was focusing more and more on being stress…

More stress creates more problems, you get a headache or a stomach pain and you became angry and frustrated, start being unpleasant towards your loved ones… Not the nicest person ever, and if you are in such state do you think somebody else who just met you and is able to receive your negativity is willing to have you around, is willing to hire you…??? Absolutely NOT. 

Therefore, start right now – look around, ask yourself:

  • ”What makes me happy?” or
  • ”What can I do to forget my problem at least for few hours?”

For me the best way to reduce stress and become free and happy person is dancing. I simply love dancing regardless of the style. Put a music and my body does the dance if I want it or not:). Even my mother used to say that when I was little each time the music was on my whole body was moving in the rhythm of it. 

Last night friend of mine and at the same time my belly dance teacher Zahara, was organising Arabic Night Party.

Last night was cold and I was not really in the mood of going out, ready to crawl on my couch and watch some TV. However due to the fact I have already experience Zahara’s party last year and she is my friend, therefore I didn’t want to disappoint her I put myself together and went, with a plan in my head I will be back home within an hour. Nothing further from the truth, seeing so many familiar faces and the most important hearing wonderful Arabic and Latin music (forgot to mention my belly dance teacher is of Venezuelan origin), I couldn’t resist I needed to dance. I am so glad I did come to the Arabic Party – it was the best present I could give myself, moreover I received so many positive comments on my style of dancing that it made my day. 

The final culminate moment of the party was when Zahara began to dance into accompaniment of the drums  of Sattar. Unforgettable, and even better as Sattar was kind enough to let me play with him. Well I was just improvising but again I am good at it following Improvisation Theater.Dia1

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My impresion as PR team member of POLONUS 2012

As some of you might know, I have been volunteering as a PR member / coordinator and workshops / groups facilitator almost for five years now for many different non-profit organisations: ACCESS, Connecting Women, POWERtalk International, Academy for Counselling and Coaching, Miss Poland and now POLONUS, here in The Netherlands.

I must say, being a volunteer is an unforgettable experience. During all those years, I have met the most amazing people from all over the world and I have learn quite a lot. I had a chance to be on TV as well as on the radio, which otherwise it will never happened.

Needless to say, most of my PR and Facilitator tasks I master on my own, which I should be proud of. Moreover, all those years paid off last August, rewarding me with an exciting, challenging new job I do next to my coaching, and only because I have had years of experience with people and public relations.

So do not hesitate and if you do have a chance to do some volunteer work (in your area of expertise of in area of your interest) do it, you really never know when you will get rewarded and recognized for it.

My last voluntary task was within PR team for promoting POLONUS. An non-profit organisation working on improving the image of Polish people in The Netherlands. What more closer to my heart being Polish woman here in this country of tulips… I will not discuss the behind the scene daily PR tasks as most of you may know what it encounter, what I want is to share with you the last moments of it, as POLONUS was ending with a Gala announcing elected Pole of the year 2012.

Those who are far away from home, will understand my nostalgic feelings towards the wonderful Polish artists who decided to be a part of that evening and play for Polish people. 

Kayah a beautiful, warm woman, recognised as a fantastic singer. She grown in my eyes after seeing her twice, first the day before the concert in the Polish embassy, where she was acting as a normal person, discussing her shopping preference and the most important not being a diva and the center of attention (which she was anyway due to being a star). During the concert she was a star, a singer, a dancer and a stand-up comedian, which I never know about her – therefore she is official my favorite Polish artist. At the same time she was giving a space and time to other artist to shine. One need to be very much grounded and knowing him/herself well enough to be brave and smart to make jokes as she was making and letting go so others can be seen first – excellent. 

Marcin Wyrostek a lovely, young man, who won Poland Got Talent  – I must admit till the concert I did not know his talent at all. However due to the fact that since I was a child my father is playing almost at every family event the accordion and / or piano, Marcin was close to my heart with his music. His music immediately brought me closer to my family and my father. And again, very normal, humble person, constantly smiling and willing to talk to everyone, wonderful.

The concert itself was a combination of a huge talent of every each of the person on the stage, seriously everyone was giving its best, presenting on a high level. Combining with the act of the lights, emphasizing even more the music and /or the musician who was at that moment actually playing.

And last but not least, I admire Redbad Klijnstra  for his language skills. Most of foreigns don’t take time to learn my language as in most cases they are able to communicate in English. Seeing Redbad navigating in between Polish and Dutch on the stage gave me an inspiration to be as good as he is in his language – Dutch – thank you for that.

My most memorable moment was few hours before the official concert. Sitting in the empty theater and seeing Kayah, Marcin and Coloriage band on stage in their daily cloths, making jokes and preparing for the concert.    It was as they were singing only for me. One fantastic night! Thank you for that. 

One more thing to add to all this, is that I never known there are such smart, intelligent, professional and wonderful Polish people, who were taking their time and effort to do voluntary job as myself. I am glad to meet them and I am proud I can call some of them my friends now. 


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Do or not to do…a business in Poland?

On 8th of November 2012, ING bank organised an International Business Conference in Eindhoven. As always the conference was in Dutch, taking into consideration that I was able to follow and understand what it was all about, I am proud of my language skills and that I was able to be a part of such business minded event without missing anything.

Not only, I had a chance to go to this conference with my lovely friend, and had an opportunity to admire the architecture of the Evoluon building the conference was held in, also I was nicely surprise while at every seminar and / or presentation during the whole day Poland was mentioned often enough to make an positive association it is a perfect place to do business with.

Almost every presenting person was in some way referring to my country. Some of them where showing statistics of the years when the crises hits the most and Poland was not affected by it.

Others where showing the economic growth of my country. To be only followed by those who were telling that lots of Polish people left the country to gather international experience and / or education and they came back and now they are helping to put the country on the top level. Moreover, the presenters were pointing out the fact that in general Polish people are well educated, sometimes having more than only one University degree, with great language skills.

Sitting and listing to those little remarks regarding Poland my hear was singing with happiness and proud. Poland is being viewed as important partner  and place to take an example from. 

To be even more satisfy with what I have heard, all of the above was said by the Dutch businessmen, politicians and famous people.

So do not hesitate come to visit Poland and do business with hard working Polish people, it is worth it. 

Of course the conference was not only about Poland, in general it was about East Europe and how to do business in those countries. Some tips were given on how to make first impressions, how to negotiate and finally how to maintain relationships with Eastern European countries. One thing for sure, we are all different than the Dutch and people do need more time in order to get to know you, to trust you in order to do business with you.  

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Dare to care…money and finance…

Have you ever worried about unpaid bills? Have you ever said no to your child only because you were not able to afford to buy what your child desired? Have you ever felt ashamed only because you did not have enough money?

If so you shall read ‘’Dare to care a love based foundation for money and finance” by Louis Bohtlingk and / or attend his workshop ‘’Dare to Care’’ run together with his lovely, spiritual wife Sandra. 

I had a pleasure meeting them both during their workshop today, where Louis become my big spiritual brother / sister, as I thought Louis was a girl.

I did not know much about the workshop only that it was about the money. Who nowadays would not want to increase the value of their pocket money.

So I went open minded without any expectations. And good I did so, due to the subject I thought it will be some economics talk and difficult issues to understand and follow. That to my surprise it was all based on emotion, energy and money, putting the money as last. It was more about things of self awareness and self development than actual money earnings.

Small group of open minded people, warm and understanding approach of Louis and Sandra created a great, safe platform to share and discuss the money related issues and problems.

However in certain point while working in the groups, we got into conclusion that money do not exist, that money are the virtual and imaginary product and yet so powerful and so demanding that keeps people fighting for it and make people to disconnect with the true essence of human being – LOVE.

We first need to discover ourselves, in order to understand our desires and discover our talents to be able to share it with others. We need to be able to love ourselves first in order to be able to give and receive love.

Once loving and caring about ourselves we are able to care for our finance.

Wonderful Sunday, I learn a lot about myself, experience strange, powerful yet scary rush of energy which at the end I was able to push it away.

Big Thank you to Sandra and Louis for their time and energy, I had a bless.

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Creating a positive energy at your work

Working can be challenging and demanding task to do if you do not work on it.   

We spending majority of our time at work, for work and after work thinking about work (task or a stressful situation / colleague).

Most of the time half of the stress and unpleasant feeling connected to work is nothing more than our own perception. We have heard that somebody is not very sympathetic colleague or very demanding boss and we do not bother to see, to check for ourselves that maybe it is different.

Have you ever had that you heard something unpleasant concerning something or someone and you immediately did not like it or become afraid of it? I did, till the moment I grow up and decided that I am the only person who can say, think and make up my mind about anything and anybody. I need to give a chance (sometimes even a second one) in order to say: ‘’ok, I will like you or not’’.

I believe that once you do got a chance and you do have a job you should make the most of it and do your job well.

Do not go into any office drama. Why I mentioned that? Well we do work with people, and people are different (not only men are from Mars and women from Venus) we are really different. We like gossip, we like to see someone hurting and someone’s failure, we like to laugh at someone, we like to boss someone and humiliate. Luckily not everybody is so mean and cruel. Luckily we are living in times where we can be ourselves and we can make up our minds and be friendly, pleasant and helpful towards each other.

Therefore, do not gossip, people will do it anyway – but why should you be as them.

Therefore, be yourself as long as you do not harm your colleagues and your work place.

Therefore, help others and ask for help – we are only humans and we do need others in order to make best of it.

Therefore, if possible get to know your colleagues / your co-workers and your managers, so you can avoid their bad day and create a nice, friendly and positive atmosphere at work.

I have heard a long time ago, or I have read that, I am not sure anymore a very nice metaphor :

‘’A mad dog enter the room full of mirrors. What do you think he has faced? He has faced hundreds of angry, barking dogs so he has become even more irritated and started attacking. Imagine, what would happened if the same dog would enter the mirrors room happy with wagging tails? The dog will see hundreds of smiley and happy, inviting him to have fun dogs and he will be even more happy, positive and willing to cooperate.’’ 

If we bring to our work a bad mood and create a negative energy around us, we can be 100% sure we will get nothing else than negativity, however if we will decide to leave our personal problems home and come with a smile and positive, optimistic attitude to work – we will discover that the work is not so hard, that the boss is not so bad and that your co-workers are actually willing to help you.

Create your own positive energy at work. Create your own jin and jang harmony, so you can survive a working day and go happy to your family to continue the harmony and have a pleasant evening.

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