Cooking & Eating the relaxing activities of today…

One thing of many, I love about my international friends, is a fact that each time we arrange the party we do bring our home land meals. That is how I was able to taste food from all over the world without traveling to those countries like Ethiopia, Mexico, Bolivia, US, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Venezuela, Serbia, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Suriname, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria.

How one can discover and learn about other cultures? Through tasting their food ūüôā¬†

I am happy that my friends are not only preparing and sharing those tasty dishes with me and others but also are eager to share their recipes and teach me abut their food.

Of course I am not a professional cook as my partner, however I love to cook, especially when I have friends who would enjoy the meal with me after all. Sharing a meal and laughter with a friend makes me forget about all dark sides of life and make me appreciate human interaction more and more.

I love to combine different ingredients and create new meal from it. Putting loud music and dancing in the tact of cut veggies – it’s a wonderful, relaxing feeling.

I wish you all a wonderful time while cooking and eating, make best of it. What you eat makes your body and mind function.Good functioning body and positive mind are able to attract better energy and better things into your life: job, partner, babies ….

Below on the photo are ingredients of absolutely divine salad made once by my Georgian friend, just cut and mix everything and enjoy it!!!

Ingredients: the same amount of green apple as avocado, a bit of a dill, few raisins, squeeze of lemon, mustard 


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Can you imagine your future job…?

Andrew McAfee argue that new technology inventions actually is positive.

The replacement of humans by new technologies, for me is still beyond imagination even though I know it is happening already. It really raced the question in what direction we shall train in order to compete with the machines. What kind of job one will have and will it be satisfactory and beneficiary. I have two questions related to it:

1) How the recruitment / interview process will look like? Will we be interview by highly intelligent computers? And what criteria will be taken into account? 

2) What about people who are not into computers and technologies, what about those who prefer to work with their hands, will they find a job since all manual work seems to be replaced by the androids?

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Old – New ”Connect with your dream job” workshops from 2014

Since 2010 I have been facilitating ”Connect with your dream job” (CWYDJ) support meetings under the umbrella of JO(B)ANNADream Job Diva Career and Life Coaching, and Connecting Women. Now I wish to thank Connecting Women for giving me a chance to start up the group under their organisation and promoting and supporting it. Thanks to it, I was able to grow as a coach and a facilitator.

As of January 2014 ”Connect with your dream job” will be run only under the umbrella of JO(B)ANNADream Job Diva – Career and Life Coaching, and as always it will be facilitated by JO(B)ANNA.

The idea of being a support, for those who are searching for a job, remains the main issue of the workshops, however there will be some changes:

CWYDJ  will be paid Р10,- euro per workshop;

CWYDJ will have a form of a structured workshop, than just a support group meeting, however there               will be a room as always to share and learn from each other as that was the biggest assets               of each meeting;

CWYDJ will take 2 hours;

CWYDJ will be for women and men;

CWYDJ minimum amount of participant 2 – maximum amount of participant 10;

CWYDJ will take place in The Hague, unless you arrange a group and location elsewhere;

For dates and time please check this Dream Job Diva blog regularly and / or the Facebook Dream Job Diva Coaching Page.

To book the workshop session(s) send an e-mail:  

Thank you for choosing JO(B)ANNA – Dream Job Diva Career and Life Coaching.

See you in 2014! 





Dirty dancing with Dirty Jobs…

Follow your passion, follow the crowd or run opposite direction to discover incredible deposits of possibilities.  

I always thought, that once I get my degree and high level job I will be happy.

Nothing further from the truth. Recently we were discussing with few colleagues, jobs we all did while studying. Serving food, delivering or sorting post, cleaning streets or houses, taking care of kids, working in the factories, or working physically against the weather conditions etc.. To be honest even though those jobs were ”below our level” due to our aspirations, future education, and the society views, I have to admit looking back all of us were happy.¬†

The people who do the hard, physical, manual jobs are the most amazing people, with great sens of humor and the most important with the highest sens of community.

Watching the episodes of the ”Dirty Jobs” and listening to Mike Rowe Ted presentation, I must say that, he together with all the hard workers, are the best teachers and coaches for all of us.¬†

What makes one do the job, for others unimagined? What makes you to wake up every morning to do your job? Do we all need to do the same jobs? In the world where unemployment is higher everyday, having only one option will be terrifying. Regardless of our aspiration, our education, our experience and regardless of expectations of others, we are able to do anything and everything.

Meaning even though there is an unemployment, you can find a job to pay your bill. You only need to find out, if you are prepare to do the job.

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Does the great job exist…?

The rising unemployment and connected with it difficulty of finding any job, made me wondering if the dream, great, perfect job really exist. There is probably one.

However the dream job, great career option for one may not be so appealing for others. What are one real dreams, desires, needs and wants? Do we make time to reflect what is really important in your life.

What really define you, and you and you…¬†

Larry Smith in his Ted presentation, perfectly shows the human nature of wanting something and than immediately creating dozens of excuses why we are not able to achieve it.


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Is Friday the 13th really bringing a bad luck…?

Is that really so that each Friday the 13th you will be faced with the bad luck? Or simply since you do believe that nothing will work out, that you are not worth anything, that everybody is against you Рthat finally all those bad, unhappy events will become true. 

My observation through years is, that there are some sort of people who no matter what will be always unhappy, always complying and constantly pessimists. Regardless what would you try to do to make them happy and satisfy, there will be always something. 

That is probably why one of that sort of people created the Friday the 13th superstition (of course there are more ideas and theories to it).

I actually like Friday the 13th and the number 13th is my luckily one, therefore regardless what you may hear or see today I wish you all a wonderful day.


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How important is an experience in order to get what you want?

Recently, I went to feed the ducks in the pond, close to my house. It is always such a pleasure and relaxing time looking at all kind of birds joining into the meal time. However, it makes me sad as I could see the violence of some of the species. There was one young, beautiful creature, which obviously was not able to reach for a food I was throwing it to the water. The other, older and more experience birds where pushing it around and grabbing parts of the crumbs, not giving a slightly chance for a young one. It did not helped that I kept throwing crumbs towards the inexperience, hungry one. It was too scared to dive into the water in between all other creatures that I needed to use a trick and placed lots of bread opposite direction to distract others and than quickly spread crumbs for the young one so at least it could have some.

This observation made me think that regardless of what you have been studying and where you have been working, if you do not have a knowledge and experience how to behave in different situation, with different people and if you do not know how to judge quickly the situation, you will not survive and you will be always left with almost nothing.

Sometimes university degree does not guarantee that one will get the job of his /her dreams. Sometimes emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship is needed to get what one desire. Therefore, when talking about the experience I meant the experience of life, survival instinct …

I wish all of you, to be so innocent as the young bird described above and as sharp and clever as the other birds.


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