Dream Job of Jae De Wylde Minshall

I have met Jae a while ago in 2011 at the ABC Bookstore in The Hague where together with few other writers among with Jo Parfit, Jae was promoting & launching her book ”The Thinking Tank”.

Name:                           Jae De Wylde

Country/City:                 Lincolnshire, UK         Jae

What is your dream?

To write and to dance in equal measure.

What is your dream job?

Teaching was always my dream job. It is a wonderful career, which allows you to pursue your own interests in extra-curricular activities with the children. How else would I have got to choreograph musicals, teach dance, go on study trips to the US, Germany, France, all as part of my day job! I loved it and enjoyed every privileged moment I spent with the kids. Now, my dream job is to write contemporary fiction – so you could say, I am living the dream!

How did you achieve your goal = dream job?

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Mine turned out to be a family tragedy followed by major illness, which led to a career break and swiftly on to a change of direction – and into the world of novel writing. I was so fortunate to find a publisher who liked my work and feel so blessed that both The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie have been very well received.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

When bad things happen, never give up. Look for the light beyond the darkness. If you close yourself to the possibilities of the universe, you won’t hear the call of your dreams. Some things in life you cannot change. Acceptance allows your spirit to calm and to be open to ideas, however bonkers they may seem!

Who are you?

Just a girl from Battersea who has experienced a share of life’s crappy stuff – and some of its incredible blessings – www.jaedewylde.com

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Find your inner Goddess, your inner God…

Recently I have read  very inspiring, very mysterious and at the same time very philosophical book by known, Polish coach Maciej Bennewicz  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’ (‘’ The truth is hypnosis’’). 

I believe I have all books of Mr. Bennerwicz, as he does write for coaches how to become a better one. At the same time he also run courses for those who wish to become a coach. Moreover, he also wrote few novels including  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’.

While reading it I have traveled with the main hero between two real and unrealistic worlds. I was so taken by the story, that to be honest for a moment I thought that what Mr. Bennewicz wrote about it can be true. Amazing, however I was also nicely surprised, when I thought I knew the end of the story and it did not turns to be true. Well done, usually when one read a book or watch the movie can easily predict the end , this time it was not possible.  I thought that the main character will finally wake up from the hypnotic trans to the reality and all what we have read about was only in his head. Not at all…unfortunately this book is only in Polish language  – thus only my Polish readers can experience what Mr. Bennewicz was trying to teach us via this story.

One thing I realised during reading it was the fact that we do need to treat ourselves as  we are the goddess / gods.  God is everywhere and we were created on the similarity of him, therefore  in order to respect God and our believes (no matter which one) we do need to start respecting ourselves.

Now I also understand, what one of my belly dance teachers said: within each women there is a goddess we only need a time and willingness to retrieve it and show it to yourself and to the world.

Treating our body and mind with respect. Giving a time for preparation of the food for your body and for your mind. I realised that I was not doing it either. In our society we are constantly running to achieve something, at the same time forgetting that if we will not take care of ourselves no achievement will be valuable award, when we will burn out.

Therefore, try to reconnect with your inner Goddess, your inner God and treat them with all privileges and attentions they do deserve. Pleased them and listen to what they are telling you, as they do want only what is best for you.

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Dare to care…money and finance…

Have you ever worried about unpaid bills? Have you ever said no to your child only because you were not able to afford to buy what your child desired? Have you ever felt ashamed only because you did not have enough money?

If so you shall read ‘’Dare to care a love based foundation for money and finance” by Louis Bohtlingk and / or attend his workshop ‘’Dare to Care’’ run together with his lovely, spiritual wife Sandra. 

I had a pleasure meeting them both during their workshop today, where Louis become my big spiritual brother / sister, as I thought Louis was a girl.

I did not know much about the workshop only that it was about the money. Who nowadays would not want to increase the value of their pocket money.

So I went open minded without any expectations. And good I did so, due to the subject I thought it will be some economics talk and difficult issues to understand and follow. That to my surprise it was all based on emotion, energy and money, putting the money as last. It was more about things of self awareness and self development than actual money earnings.

Small group of open minded people, warm and understanding approach of Louis and Sandra created a great, safe platform to share and discuss the money related issues and problems.

However in certain point while working in the groups, we got into conclusion that money do not exist, that money are the virtual and imaginary product and yet so powerful and so demanding that keeps people fighting for it and make people to disconnect with the true essence of human being – LOVE.

We first need to discover ourselves, in order to understand our desires and discover our talents to be able to share it with others. We need to be able to love ourselves first in order to be able to give and receive love.

Once loving and caring about ourselves we are able to care for our finance.

Wonderful Sunday, I learn a lot about myself, experience strange, powerful yet scary rush of energy which at the end I was able to push it away.

Big Thank you to Sandra and Louis for their time and energy, I had a bless.

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How Very Successful People Manage Their Time

I have just read very interesting article an I decided that you as a coachee and a reader need to read that too.

It is inspirational and helpful not only for the entrepreneur. It can be useful while organizing your schedule for a job search or your time before the final exams or any duties and task for that matter. 

Have fun reading it as I did…

How Very Successful People Manage Their Time.

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Dream Job of Jo Parfitt

I have heard about Jo, before I have met her through her book: ”Career in Your Suitcase”. Later on we have met at Connecting Women meetings, where for few months we were together at the board.

Name:                  Jo Parfitt 

Country / city:  The Netherlands /  The Hague

What is your dream?

I always dreamed of being a writer and writing a book. At school, they told me writing was not a real career… so I shelved my dream

What is my dream job? 

I wanted to make my living as a writer. Today, I have a motto, which is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’. My dream and my motto help me to stay on track.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

At 20, I was living in France and had an idea for a cookbook called French Tarts. I wrote it and a publisher accepted it. in. At 23 it was published. I did not cook any of the recipes myself! I learned that if something is to succeed I needed to believe in my idea (not necessarily in myself, that is different) and to have passion, to do the right research and to produce something of quality. In order to do my book proposal I asked my mother to teach me to type and my father to teach me to use a word processor. That made all the difference. Soon after, I was offered jobs writing word processing manuals and then, I went to live abroad. 24 years later, I still write books, I still share what I know to help others to grow but I have learned to move with the times and that some parts of my job need to be recycled, some need to be thrown in the trash, and sometimes I need new ones. I have been a journalist and a writing teacher, ran a CV writing service, and wrote copy. Today, after 28 books I am a publisher too. Summertime was established in 1997 and it has published over 40 books. So now I help others to achieve their writing dreams. I still believe that passion, belief and research are key, but now I also know that it is vital to have a focus and a niche… 

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Make your first step finding your passion, then when you know what you love you will find it easier to create a dream job. When you do the work you were born to do you use 1% of the energy you use when you don’t (Dr Katherine Benziger, author of Thriving in Mind)

Who are you?

Jo Parfitt, British, lived in Dubai, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands. Run Summertime Publishing www.joparfitt.com and www.expatbookshop.com

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I had a dream… The Law of attraction in my life

’I have a dream’’(…)  – said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in August 28th 1963.

I had a dream (…) – since I was 4 years old.

This is a story of – how the Law of Attraction has worked in my life.

How many of you have heard about the Law of Attraction?; How many of you have experienced the Law of Attraction?; How many of you  have read the book or / & seen the movie ‘’The Secret’’ by Rhonda Byrne?

When I have heard  for the first time about ‘’The Secret’’ – I have realized that I knew about it since I was a child.

Since then I easily followed it – but than in a process of growing up I lost it  – till one day I read a wonderful,  philosophical book ‘’The Alchemist’’ by Paulo Coelho. Where he wrote:

‘’And, when you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’’.

I also believe that the dream will become true in the time and the moment most suitable for you  – so be careful what you wish for.

You could say – of course she  got all she wanted as she is the only child – and as the social perception is – the only child equal the spoiled child. Nothing closer to the true, as I growth up with my cousin – now consider my sister and best friend Magda.

So, go back to ‘’I HAD A DREAM’’:

I growth up in Poland at the end of the grey, communist time, when we had only black & white TV with only 2 programs: TV1 & TV2. However, the shortage of the programs brings me best memories of wonderful movies I had seen during the weekends together with my parents. The most memorable movies where from India. The beautiful, young people dancing or riding on the elephants, fighting against or for Goddess Khali. I dream of going to India – to experience the special, spiritual atmosphere I experienced during watching those movies. I dream of being there, touching it, smelling it and living it (…)

(…) Than, I grow up  – I went to school, started the work and the ordinary life started.

So I have decided to change it and one week after 11/9 2001 I arrived to Holland, where in 2004 I made one of my many other dreams come true and signed up for my second University – Tourism & Recreation Management in Haarlem.

In order to fulfill my duty in 2006/2007 I became an intern of Hindu-Surinamese Tour Operator based in The Hague. One day the BIG BOSS called me and said:

‘’You go to India’’ (…)                    

Just like that my childhood dream came true. I went to India for free,  to check the business of my boss (to take photos of the venues, vehicles and places  we have visited – to write the feedback rapport) and at the same time I was a Tour Leader of the group of 30 people – exciting, knowledgeable and wonderful experience.

The most important   – My dream came true – The Law of Attraction worked.

Therefore, NEVER give up on your dreams – NEVER stop dreaming.

As quoting Paulo Coelho again:

‘’It’s the possibility of having  a dream come true that makes life interesting’’.

Btw. This text was my very first text prepared for a public speech at the POWERtalk International club.

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Dream Job of Ingrid Schippers

I met Ingrid at one of Connecting Women meetings few years back. She has share with me her passion for yoga and tarot. And later on she made me even more curious while she shared the story of her book ”Bloodlines – Touch Not the Cat.” As far I see it is a combination between Agatha Christies and ‘The Da Vinci Code” stories, very exciting.

Name:                  Ingrid Schippers                        

Country / city:  The Netherlands / The Hague

What is your dream?

I have many dreams, but one dream, a real dream, turned into a dream come true: ‘Bloodlines-Touch Not the Cat’, a genealogy mystery novel that I wrote together with Tom McKerley. It is based on a dream  I had almost 3 years ago, about having to solve a mystery that happened in my family 7 generations ago. Tom build a stage for the dream and together we wrote the book.

What is my dream job? 

Being a writer.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Living life, no matter what the dream is; is about getting up in the morning and going for it . This may sound cliche; but really; if there’s one thing I’ve found out in this life; its’ that the only way to breath just the way I want is to do it myself and not be dependent on others.

Guidance, friendship and support : yes, but the actual thing called my life is up to me.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Ask yourself what you would do with your life NOW, if nobody and nothing would depend on it but you. Go and do that and make the adjustments afterwards, not before.

Who are you?

I’m Ingrid Schippers. I’m a writer and translator of personal development books through www.theportableyogacompany.com and www.touchnotthecat.com

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