Blog by Joanna Trawinska

Born in Warsaw. Studied HR Management in Poland, Tourism & Recreation Management and Counseling – Coaching in The Netherlands.
Passion about people  – getting to know them (what make them as they are …; why they make certain decisions…; why certain people get along and some don’t…); helping them by listening, coaching, mentoring, organizing and facilitating workshops and sometimes simply by just being with them.


Getting to know people means getting to know their culture, their language (Joanna is able to communicate in Polish, English, Dutch and Spanish); as well as getting to know their cuisine (Joanna has lots of wonderful friends from all over the world with whom exchange and share the passion of food and cooking).
Absolutely love salsa dancing and music.  Other forms of dance as belly dance, ballroom dancing, flamenco are also a part of her life.

Dream Job Diva

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