Hi, great that You have popped by…

You should be happy in your business as you already made the bold decision to start working for yourself.

Make another one and hire your very own Virtual Assistant.

I know how overwhelmed you might feel sometimes while working on your business and dealing with daily tasks which are not the core of your business.

  • Checking and answering e-mails,
  • Dealing with clients,
  • Customer service,
  • Administration,
  • Creating and editing documents,
  • Data entry,
  • Searching for information,
  • Posting on social media etc,

This can all be outsourced to a Virtual Business Assistant.

The most important thing is that while you are focusing on the tasks which could be done by others you are not making money you could be making while doing what you are passionate about and good at. Moreover, you lose your valuable time you could actually be spending with people you love or things you enjoy doing outside of work.

You provide a service or a product you are proud of, and you need to focus on promotion, improvement and delivery. It feels stressful and time consuming.
It does NOT have to be that way. Really.

You do not have to stress about those tasks anymore, and be cranky towards your loved ones as you have no time to be with them. You can outsource all time consuming and frustrating tasks to the Virtual Business Assistant.

Who is your Virtual Business Assistant –
Hi my name is JOANNA TRAWIŃSKA and I am happy mother of a beautiful son Leon. I am a Virtual Assistant who’s also a Coach. That way I can help you when you need a sounding board or brainstorm your ideas.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland and currently I live in The Hague, The Netherlands. I studied HR Management in Warsaw, Poland and Tourism and Recreation Management in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I also followed a course of Counseling – Coaching in The Hague, The Netherlands and online course to work as VA.

Among others I worked internationally as an assistant within diverse industries for more than 10 years now.

My personal and professional experience made me a better Virtual Business Assistant and Coach. I help people by actively listening, coaching, mentoring, assisting and sometimes simply by just being with them.

It is my passion to learn new things. I like to get to know people and understand what makes them as they are. Why they make certain decisions. Why some people get along and some don’t. Totally fascinated by new technologies, learning gives me lots of joy.

I absolutely love long walks with my son. Enjoy reading, crocheting and dancing. Love my family and simple things in life like a cup of coffee and a friendly conversation.

I believe that people are beautiful creatures who deserve to be heard, to be visible, to be loved and to be supported.

I believe that most of us at the end of the day deserve to hug their loved one and look with a smile at the day they had behind them as well as look forward for the next day.

I believe that we all deserve a good cup of coffee and me time to reflect, to relax and to do what we love the most.

I believe in human cooperation, connections and sharing so we all can learn and grow beyond expectations.

I believe that if one person is happy,  they can lift another and make an impact.

Why not to cooperate together so we can create a beautiful product or service to make other people happy and fulfilled.

Why not to connect with each other to see if there is a spark and great energy which provides us with amazing ideas and solutions for work we could do together.

Either way you need a Virtual Assistant or a Coach to lift you up or bring the smile on others who purchase your products or services, do not hesitate to drop me a line for an e-coffee or an actual one to get to know each other better to see if we could work together.

I look forward to hearing from you, send me an e-mail info@dreamjobdiva.com

Till then enjoy your day wherever you are.





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