Cooking & Eating the relaxing activities of today…

One thing of many, I love about my international friends, is a fact that each time we arrange the party we do bring our home land meals. That is how I was able to taste food from all over the world without traveling to those countries like Ethiopia, Mexico, Bolivia, US, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Venezuela, Serbia, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Suriname, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria.

How one can discover and learn about other cultures? Through tasting their food 🙂 

I am happy that my friends are not only preparing and sharing those tasty dishes with me and others but also are eager to share their recipes and teach me abut their food.

Of course I am not a professional cook as my partner, however I love to cook, especially when I have friends who would enjoy the meal with me after all. Sharing a meal and laughter with a friend makes me forget about all dark sides of life and make me appreciate human interaction more and more.

I love to combine different ingredients and create new meal from it. Putting loud music and dancing in the tact of cut veggies – it’s a wonderful, relaxing feeling.

I wish you all a wonderful time while cooking and eating, make best of it. What you eat makes your body and mind function.Good functioning body and positive mind are able to attract better energy and better things into your life: job, partner, babies ….

Below on the photo are ingredients of absolutely divine salad made once by my Georgian friend, just cut and mix everything and enjoy it!!!

Ingredients: the same amount of green apple as avocado, a bit of a dill, few raisins, squeeze of lemon, mustard 


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Nature as a best relax coaching

Last Tuesday I needed to be free from work. After duty tasks, I was able to do whatever I wish to do and due to the sunny and pleasant weather I decided to go for the first time this year to the beach.

It was the best idea of the day, week or even a month. I did not realised this till the moment I have found out myself on the beach, how much I have missed the peacefulness, stillness and beautiful of the surroundings.

Mid of the week during still winter time, makes the beach the perfect place to let your body and thought to fly away into the relax mood.

Sometime one does need to recharge their personal batteries. Pity we are forgetting about it. We managed to charge our phones or tables everyday in order for them to function, yet we completely forgetting about our own body and mind.

Why is that?

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Dream Job Diva

Dream Job of Vinita Salomé

To be honest I do not really remember how I have met Vinita, one thing is for sure we are both creative expats meeting each other from time to time in The Hague area during networking events, and that is nice

Name:                Vinita Salomé

Country/City:      The Netherlands, Gouda  LondonHeadshot_14low

What is your dream?
My dream is to touch, encourage and spread happiness through my work/craft which is photography.

What is my dream job?
I’m living my dream job at the moment and feel very grateful that I am able to do this. Through Vinita Salomé Photography, I could utilise my everyday experiences as a mother, my love for photography and my innate interest in people. Over the years families have shyly opened up for me and my camera so I could show the invisible bonds of love that held them together. I strive to make parents and children feel relaxed and comfortable about allowing me into their lives and letting me take photographs that are natural.
My hope for all my clients is that years later, when nature has taken its course and the children have moved out, sometimes to distant lands like I did, both the parents and children will have a tangible reminder of an ordinary day that time has made extraordinary.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job?/ How do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?
I grew up in Kobe – a picturesque city that would inspire any photographer, and it was in Kobe that I was first introduced to the art of photography.
My journey into the world of photography was an adventurous one. I took the first step into this competitive world when I moved to Mumbai, the Indian city that never sleeps. Like most photographers I started at the bottom.
I began learning the craft as an assistant at a renowned photography studio.  But, to my utter dismay, my enthusiasm turned against me. I kept tripping over tripods and got stuck with the nickname “walking war-zone”. It was during this time that I realised I belonged outside. So, I tentatively, ventured into the world of outdoor photography, and there I’ve stayed ever since.
Having traveled extensively and lived in three countries I have always been fascinated by people. I longed to combine this love of people and photography and make a living at the same time.
While I was piecing this together, I fell in love and ‘settled down’ in Gouda, the Netherlands. It was only in 2006 after my son was born that things finally fell in place.
That was when Vinita Salomé Photography was born.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?
Take the plunge and go for it! You will never know until you’ve tried it!

Who are you?
There are many ways I can answer this questions as a lot of it is intertwined.
Personally, I have been born and brought up in Japan, come from Indian origin and now live in The Netherlands, with my Dutch husband and our 6 year old son.
 Dream job wise: I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer specialising exclusively in children and family portraiture. Please feel free to browse my website at: and I regularly update my blog here:

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