Dirty dancing with Dirty Jobs…

Follow your passion, follow the crowd or run opposite direction to discover incredible deposits of possibilities.  

I always thought, that once I get my degree and high level job I will be happy.

Nothing further from the truth. Recently we were discussing with few colleagues, jobs we all did while studying. Serving food, delivering or sorting post, cleaning streets or houses, taking care of kids, working in the factories, or working physically against the weather conditions etc.. To be honest even though those jobs were ”below our level” due to our aspirations, future education, and the society views, I have to admit looking back all of us were happy. 

The people who do the hard, physical, manual jobs are the most amazing people, with great sens of humor and the most important with the highest sens of community.

Watching the episodes of the ”Dirty Jobs” and listening to Mike Rowe Ted presentation, I must say that, he together with all the hard workers, are the best teachers and coaches for all of us. 

What makes one do the job, for others unimagined? What makes you to wake up every morning to do your job? Do we all need to do the same jobs? In the world where unemployment is higher everyday, having only one option will be terrifying. Regardless of our aspiration, our education, our experience and regardless of expectations of others, we are able to do anything and everything.

Meaning even though there is an unemployment, you can find a job to pay your bill. You only need to find out, if you are prepare to do the job.

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