Dream Job of Noa Brume

I have met Noa more than a year ago during an open morning for coaching academy, where I used to study and after all I was an assistant of the teacher. Noa also participated in some of my ”Connect with your dream job” meetings, and even during one she deliver a short presentation.

Name: Noa Brume

Country/City: Den Haag, Nederlands     Noa Brume

What is your dream?

My dream is to always have enough (or more) than what I need (time, love, materialistic things will help too of course) so that I can just give and give to others as much as possible with no limitations.

What is my dream job?

My dream job is to deepen what I do now: I want to combine my profession as a counsellor / coach with my love for teaching and education. I want to run more successful workshops which will help people leaving them with food for thoughts and a big smile in their heart.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / How do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

In the past, where I have considered myself as being very successful in what I’ve done, I’ve always made sure that I become the best I can in what I do: if it’s by studying, reading, observing others in their work- I just had to become the best I could possibly be (and the emphasis is on the word “I”). This has proven to work for me because then I could deliver the best of me, was highly appreciated and got offered jobs and promotions. This is not perfectionism but rather being in a place where I’m highly comfortable with what I’m doing. That seemed to work, so I’ve got every intention to do the same with my dream job mentioned above: just thrive to be the best I can at all time.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

I have two things really:

One, is remembering that the person is “making the job” and not the other way around. So even if you start with a small job, make it something big, enjoy it to the full, come to work with a smile: it could be just a foot in the door and other jobs can come out of it, or it could be that you’ll make it so successful and huge that who knows… it’ll become your dream job!

The other one has to do with my passion and connection to Positive Thinking / Positive Mental Attitude:When people say to you that you won’t be successful, that you’re not good enough, that you “don’t have it” and that better people than you have tried and failed, don’t take it into your heart: They don’t talk about you, they talk about themselves. (These words were said by a guy called Eliav Alaluf, and believe me; he knows why he says that).

Who are you?

My name is Noa Brume. I’ve been living in The Hague since summer 2010 and enjoying every moment in this wonderful international and diverse community. I work as a counsellor / coach in my own practice which I have at home: a place which I love because it’s so peaceful, relaxed and private. I love working with my clients, seeing how they find their path to a better place for them. Before becoming a counsellor / coach I was a teacher and an educator, and taught Modern Hebrew in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, at Oxford University and in schools in London. I have a very strong passion to Positive Thinking, Self-Awareness and Positive Mental Attitude, and I give lectures and run workshops on the subject. I’m married to a wonderful man and we have three wonderful children at home. I love people and believe in the power of people and the great things they can
 achieve with willingness, a pinch of love and a smile.

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Is Friday the 13th really bringing a bad luck…?

Is that really so that each Friday the 13th you will be faced with the bad luck? Or simply since you do believe that nothing will work out, that you are not worth anything, that everybody is against you – that finally all those bad, unhappy events will become true. 

My observation through years is, that there are some sort of people who no matter what will be always unhappy, always complying and constantly pessimists. Regardless what would you try to do to make them happy and satisfy, there will be always something. 

That is probably why one of that sort of people created the Friday the 13th superstition (of course there are more ideas and theories to it).

I actually like Friday the 13th and the number 13th is my luckily one, therefore regardless what you may hear or see today I wish you all a wonderful day.


Dream Job Diva

Why in XXI the slavery still exist?

In the past year, I came across human trafficking issue, called also a modern slavery, a forced labor. This is beyond the dream job. The fact that still in XXI century people kidnap and trick others to show their power and gain lots of money made me angry, sad and hopeless. 

Somewhere in the spring of 2013, I went for brilliantly organised by students Conference at The Hague University (HHS) “Global Capitalism and Modern-Day Slavery Conference 2013 – From Forced Labour to Labour Force”. I was able to listen to the debate between professors regarding the economic, cultural and global aspects of the modern slavery.  IMG_0650 

Moreover, students prepared very entertaining, interesting and knowledgeable workshop brining us to the early days of the Dutch slavery showing the cruelty and dehumanisation of the man kind. One of the unresolved discussion, was shall the Dutch royalty still be using the Dutch Golden Carriage. The decoration includes slaves elements.

Here is a thought, we did not change at all. In a different way, more subtle and under other circumstances we bring even more harm and agony to those who are not able to defense themselves, especially children and women. Unfortunately this problem occurs all over the world. It is  not only the problem of small or poor countries.

The final drop to my sadness during this conference was the presentation done by Saskia Wishart, who was representing Not for Sale organisation, helping those who entered into the prostitution.

On the same topic, one of the ToP members, is also working for years helping prostitutes. Both are silent fighters against the human trafficking.  Listen to all the stories made me sad, however also it made me happy that there are organisations like Not for Sale which are actually having a concrete idea while helping those who got into the prostitution / human trafficking world. 

I was thinking of writing this post after the conference as I was under a huge impression especially of the actions of Not for Sale, but as usual the life is happening and I was too busy to really clearly and passionately write about it.

Than one day I was browsing on Ipla.tv (the portal with Polish series) and came across ”Na Krawedzi” (”On the Edge”) which is very much connected to the topic. The main women character was raped years back, and those who supposed to help her (police, judge etc…) were actually doing everything in their power to made her look bad. Humiliated and hurt she is coming back after approximately twenty years as a powerful woman. She runs a foundation for women who were abused by men, who were human trafficked. At the same time, not recognised by the oppressors, she is seeking the revenge. I was nicely surprised by the fact that normally while watching the criminal series we tend to guess what will happened next and who is actually guilty. This time till the end, till the last thirteen episode, I was constantly surprised.

Finally, last week I was reading an article in ”Wysokie Obcasy” (”High Heels”) a Polish weekly women magazine, an addition to the daily newspaper. The article was again regarding the human trafficking and prostitution. Actually it was about a woman, a journalist, a feminist fighting for years with those who try to earn tones on the misery of others. It was a story of brave Mexican Lydia Cacho who writes about sexual violence against children and women.

All together, it is too much, why slavery, human trafficking, forced labour are still in place and who is actually going to stop it. After all the above, talking about the dream job it seems so surreal and inappropriate. While some are struggling to survive in pain, humiliation and in captivity far away from the loved one, others are seems to be miserable when they have to work for a profession / company out of their desire. Does that make any sense…?