How important is an experience in order to get what you want?

Recently, I went to feed the ducks in the pond, close to my house. It is always such a pleasure and relaxing time looking at all kind of birds joining into the meal time. However, it makes me sad as I could see the violence of some of the species. There was one young, beautiful creature, which obviously was not able to reach for a food I was throwing it to the water. The other, older and more experience birds where pushing it around and grabbing parts of the crumbs, not giving a slightly chance for a young one. It did not helped that I kept throwing crumbs towards the inexperience, hungry one. It was too scared to dive into the water in between all other creatures that I needed to use a trick and placed lots of bread opposite direction to distract others and than quickly spread crumbs for the young one so at least it could have some.

This observation made me think that regardless of what you have been studying and where you have been working, if you do not have a knowledge and experience how to behave in different situation, with different people and if you do not know how to judge quickly the situation, you will not survive and you will be always left with almost nothing.

Sometimes university degree does not guarantee that one will get the job of his /her dreams. Sometimes emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship is needed to get what one desire. Therefore, when talking about the experience I meant the experience of life, survival instinct …

I wish all of you, to be so innocent as the young bird described above and as sharp and clever as the other birds.


Dream Job Diva