Dream Job of Mark van Duijn

I met Mark few years back around 06:30 in the morning, during one of the networking events – BNI meeting in Scheveningen. Since than I had a chance to see him in action regarding wine during his wine tasting events…

Name:                  Mark van Duijn

Country/City:        The Netherlands / The Hague  Glas

What is your dream?

Import and sell boutique wines ( small & high quality produced wines )

What is my dream job?

Importing boutique wines!

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I started working for myself.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Find something that people associate with you.

Who are you?

Kind, subtle, creative, steady, funny, businessman, musicman, wineprofesionnal and lover. www.mvdwines.nl & www.markvanduijnwijnen.nl


Coordinated by Dream Job Diva


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