Dream Job of Tonia Tzortzi

I have met Tonia at one of my workshops more than a year ago. I may say she is a perfect example of following for her dream. When we met she was preparing how to conquer the job market and now she is a happy owner of her own company. I am very proud of her… 

Name:                          Tonia Tzortzi

Country/City:                 The Netherlands / Delft (originally from Greece)  tonia tzortzi_nt squared

What is your dream?

To be healthy, strong and surrounded by people I love and can count on! To be able to enjoy life in harmony!

What is my dream job?

A dream job can only be your creation! This is what I am trying to achieve. I’m not there yet, but I ‘m sure that it makes me happy, calm and keeps me excited! I definitely love what I currently do!

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Networking is a must, meeting lots of people, volunteering, helping others, finding ways to get inspired and never give up on your goal!

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Get out! Start working on yourself, learn new things, try things that you never thought you could do, talk to people and make sure you will be remembered!

Who are you?

I am the co-founder of “nt squared”, a creative marketing & design company, focused on exploring innovative ways of promoting you and your business. www.nt2design.com

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva


One thought on “Dream Job of Tonia Tzortzi

  1. I know Tonia through ACCESS. She is one of the expats who I would like to keep in touch with, to always keep inspiring myself!! Best of luck Tonia, never give up!!

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