Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

11 Mar

What is more appealing for a woman than a beautiful, shining and tasteful jewelry?

Even more interesting would be to know who is behind the scene – Goldsmith profession is hip. It is a dream job.   Meeting a person who is making those little bling bling field with diamonds making lots of us so happy was a great experience for me.Dia1

Amazing, I had no idea that goldsmith profession can be so hard and at the same time so inspiring and so people oriented. When I have met Mr. Mohan Chandie Show at THIN networking event, I had a great opportunity to see his work and hear from him how he is preparing and making each and every peace of jewelery.

I was impressed hearing stories of people who decided to design their own rings. The goldsmith is not only a good listener, knowing its creative artistic profession. The goldsmith is a people oriented person, understanding the deepest desires of its clients. The goldsmith is delivering a little golden peace of a dream …

Dream Job Diva


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