Stress reducing activities – Friends get together…

Nothing is brining you so much positive energy and pleasure than meeting your true, real friends. Sometimes in our life we have so much to do, too much to think, too much stress related to organised the household, prepare for work and still be sexy and nice for your loved one. Also when you are single and wish to find a soul mate – friends are the best to help you. In case of searching for a job, proven fact they will be the first one to connect you with the work places needing an employee. 

When we are too stress too overload with work, we just do not want to do it all, maybe we just need a day or two for ourself. The day when we can forget about all daily, routine activities and take care of ourself. 

One of the best things to do is to organised friends get together activities. Either going to the dancing club or dinner to the restaurant or simply prepare the potluck party with your friends – to eat, to meet, to great and to laugh or sometimes shopping with your friends finished with a delicious lunch and friendly talk is all what you truly need. 

Since I came back from my winter holiday to the reality I had very low energy, plus due to the crazy winter weather I was sick almost the whole time till now. Very frustrating feeling and very energy redrawing. I took it easy and I read, I slept and I watched some nice Polish series to relax. But how long you can do that?

We all do need a human contact and we all do need a friendly smile and bear hug from a person who cares and is as much as you happy to see you. This week and weekend was about my friends and myself. Giving myself to my friends gave me so much positive, happy and healthy energy that I am good to go further for the whole week of work. Simple talk and laugh with some (not forgetting the best loempia’s – rolls ever made by one of my friends during one of the potluck gatherings) and dance and photo session with others just reduce all my stress. 

I wish to thank you all my beautiful friends for being in my life as without them I will be the purest person in the world.

I wish to all of you to find the people, even one person who truly care and is there for you.

However remember, Friendship is the most important and the most fragile from all human relations if you wish to have good people around you – you do need to give and give and give and be there for them. It is not one way ticket  – as much your stress level is decreasing while you drop all bad, heavy stuff on the shoulders of your friends you need to make sure that they are getting away from your mutual meeting as much happy as you are and as less stressed as you are…


Dream Job Diva


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