When the women get together…

Couple weeks ago I went for a morning meeting with women entrepreneurs in the lovely area of the Old Rijswijk. It was not a general networking meeting as you could suspect. upward spiral logo (2) 

It was more a business meeting where two businesswomen: Cathy Delhanty and Jolanda Adrianus, were introducing to us their vision of a new event to come at the begin of March, 3th March to be precise.

Their vision is to create an event for 500 women. They are already succeeding. It is an event made by women for women.

Who said that women cannot do anything constructive? Women are strong, creative, daring and passionate. Even though women may be more jealous of each other once they believe in a better cause they will give their soul and heart to create and bring to the reality their vision.

For more than five years I have been part of several women clubs: Connecting Women and ToP – Association of Polish Women to mentioned only few. Each of them have different approach, each of them have a networking purpose but I have never seen a vision created in such a short period of time to be happening. More and more women are joining on the ”upward spiral” Facebook page, it is amazing – I have not met all of those women in person and yet I have connected with some of them a big time. Amazing.

In Poland there is a proverb:” where there are six cooking women there for sure will not be anything to eat”. Nothing further from the true – I truly believe where more than two women get together, there will be something amazing and powerful happening.

I dare all women to come together and support each other, either you are business woman and need another business woman to brainstorm and make your business grow; or you are two mothers who do need a helpful hand with each other kids, or you are women who are searching for work or simply willing to go shopping together. Do it! Get together and assist each other. We do need other woman in our life as only they can understand and know why we do what we do… 

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4 thoughts on “When the women get together…

  1. Hi Dream Job Diva

    Due to complications from the venue, we have moved the date to 17 March 2013.

    And you are right. The contact with women in our group has been amazing and productive. We are showing women how to grow their companies and it is working. It does not matter whether the company is big or small and it doesn’t matter if growth means that you want to be able to pay next week’s bills or if you want to be a multi-national, follow us and we will help you fulfill your goals.

    Co-founder and Social Entrepreneur

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