Why do you need networking for?

New in town, looking to do business with new people, searching for a job, getting new friends or simply finally have a chance to meet people you have not seen for a long time…?


There are a lot of networking events you may experience during the whole year long. Some of them are very expensive, for some you do need to be a member or be invited by such. And there are networking events when you simply do not need to pay at all the only thing is to enjoy. Repetitive networking event is one of my favorite one, as you are getting the familiar, friendly feeling of knowing almost everyone there. 

One of such event in The Hague is THIN (The Hague International Network) it used to be organized by the KVK (The Hague Chamber of Commerce) and now since last summer it is run by Andrew Van Esch owner or The Guest Card.

The beauty of the THIN is that first and for most it is in English. Furthermore, great concept of this network is to meet each time at different location / business. That way all participants not only meet new people but also get to experience and discover new businesses in The Hague. And finally what I like about it, it is a friendly atmosphere. See you at the next THIN

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Dream Job of Stephanie Ward

I do not remember when for the first time I have met Stephanie, but it must have been one of Connecting Women gatherings in The Hague. Stephanie is kind person always willing to help you. Actually together while brainstorming we come up with the name of my company / website: www.dreamjobdiva.com

Name:                                  Stephanie Ward

Country / city:                       (originally from United States); The Netherlands/Apeldoorn  

What is your dream?

To do work that I am passionate about and find meaningful, and make a living doing it. It is also my dream to help others do the same.

What is my dream job?

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs attract more clients and grow their businesses.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I followed my heart and intuition and went searching for meaningful work and with the support of many people I found it and pursued it. I started my company, Firefly Coaching, in 2002 and since have enjoyed supporting inspired entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

You only get one life (as far as I know) so make the most of it. Don’t let fear stop you, be confident and go for your dreams. Stay in the present moment and keep taking action, no matter how small it may seem. Action creates momentum and that keeps you inspired. Don’t wait until you think you’re ready, start now.

Who are you?

I’m a Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs and I help small business owners attract more clients & create meaningful and prosperous businesses. I offer a Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time, plus business building tips at my website www.fireflycoaching.com.

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Stress reducing activities – Friends get together…

Nothing is brining you so much positive energy and pleasure than meeting your true, real friends. Sometimes in our life we have so much to do, too much to think, too much stress related to organised the household, prepare for work and still be sexy and nice for your loved one. Also when you are single and wish to find a soul mate – friends are the best to help you. In case of searching for a job, proven fact they will be the first one to connect you with the work places needing an employee. 

When we are too stress too overload with work, we just do not want to do it all, maybe we just need a day or two for ourself. The day when we can forget about all daily, routine activities and take care of ourself. 

One of the best things to do is to organised friends get together activities. Either going to the dancing club or dinner to the restaurant or simply prepare the potluck party with your friends – to eat, to meet, to great and to laugh or sometimes shopping with your friends finished with a delicious lunch and friendly talk is all what you truly need. 

Since I came back from my winter holiday to the reality I had very low energy, plus due to the crazy winter weather I was sick almost the whole time till now. Very frustrating feeling and very energy redrawing. I took it easy and I read, I slept and I watched some nice Polish series to relax. But how long you can do that?

We all do need a human contact and we all do need a friendly smile and bear hug from a person who cares and is as much as you happy to see you. This week and weekend was about my friends and myself. Giving myself to my friends gave me so much positive, happy and healthy energy that I am good to go further for the whole week of work. Simple talk and laugh with some (not forgetting the best loempia’s – rolls ever made by one of my friends during one of the potluck gatherings) and dance and photo session with others just reduce all my stress. 

I wish to thank you all my beautiful friends for being in my life as without them I will be the purest person in the world.

I wish to all of you to find the people, even one person who truly care and is there for you.

However remember, Friendship is the most important and the most fragile from all human relations if you wish to have good people around you – you do need to give and give and give and be there for them. It is not one way ticket  – as much your stress level is decreasing while you drop all bad, heavy stuff on the shoulders of your friends you need to make sure that they are getting away from your mutual meeting as much happy as you are and as less stressed as you are…


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When the women get together…

Couple weeks ago I went for a morning meeting with women entrepreneurs in the lovely area of the Old Rijswijk. It was not a general networking meeting as you could suspect. upward spiral logo (2) 

It was more a business meeting where two businesswomen: Cathy Delhanty and Jolanda Adrianus, were introducing to us their vision of a new event to come at the begin of March, 3th March to be precise.

Their vision is to create an event for 500 women. They are already succeeding. It is an event made by women for women.

Who said that women cannot do anything constructive? Women are strong, creative, daring and passionate. Even though women may be more jealous of each other once they believe in a better cause they will give their soul and heart to create and bring to the reality their vision.

For more than five years I have been part of several women clubs: Connecting Women and ToP – Association of Polish Women to mentioned only few. Each of them have different approach, each of them have a networking purpose but I have never seen a vision created in such a short period of time to be happening. More and more women are joining on the ”upward spiral” Facebook page, it is amazing – I have not met all of those women in person and yet I have connected with some of them a big time. Amazing.

In Poland there is a proverb:” where there are six cooking women there for sure will not be anything to eat”. Nothing further from the true – I truly believe where more than two women get together, there will be something amazing and powerful happening.

I dare all women to come together and support each other, either you are business woman and need another business woman to brainstorm and make your business grow; or you are two mothers who do need a helpful hand with each other kids, or you are women who are searching for work or simply willing to go shopping together. Do it! Get together and assist each other. We do need other woman in our life as only they can understand and know why we do what we do… 

Others writing about this event:

”Women who work together grow together”

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Dream Job of Deborah Valentine

I have had the very first contact with Deborah virtually via mail and phone in 2008 while we both were involved in preparation for ”Feel at home in The Hague”’ fair. Me as a PR team at ACCESS and her as Coordinator for mentioned fair. Look how the life play with us, now she works for ACCESS and I participate at the fair representing ever since different non-profit organizations :). We met finally to meet many times more at different occasion…

Name:                     Deborah Valentine 

Country / city:          (originally from Canada); The Netherlands / The Hague  

What is your dream?

To live each day fully, and appreciate everything that comes my way – even if it challenges me.

What is my dream job?

Cannot say I can think of A dream job. As a result of my expat/nomadic experience I have done too many different ‘jobs’, reinvented myself too many times to be able to have such a conclusion. What I do know, after more than 30 years being employed, volunteering, travelling etc., is that whatever job I do does have to contain certain elements: be in an environment where there is personal contact with colleagues/public; involve teamwork but also chance to work alone from time to time; and be involved in an activity which serves others. Oh, and provide an income of course …

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Network, always meet new people, keep eyes open for new opportunities, be willing to take an occasional ‘risk’ and be ready to help others whenever you can.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Be prepared to reinvent yourself, think out of the box – and take a look at how your skills, talents and interests transfer to sectors you may not have thought of immediately.

Who are you?

My passport says Canada, but I was born in Germany, travelled throughout my life as the daughter of expats; an expat myself; partner of an expat and as an expat mother. Today, 11 countries later, I am settled in The Hague – city and country which now is the one place I have lived the longest – 8 years in a row! Where will I be in the future? No idea. Not bothered by not having an answer to this either www.ahandinthehague.com

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