Dream Job of Henry Arvidsson

I have met Henry in 2011, when he was helping our mutual colleague shotting photos for him. I was among others the subject of Henry’s camera. Since than we have met at several occasions as The Hague is full of events for international, active people.

Name:                          Henry Arvidsson

Country / city:              The Netherlands / The Hague    

What is your dream?

I don’t really dream but rather try to set realistic goals. Some 30 years ago I saw an old man waiting for the bus in Malmö in my native Sweden. I surmised that he had been working hard in the heavy ships industry in town until retired and that the heavy work had bent his back which now forced him to walk with a cane. Just as the bus arrived and stopped a group of three young men arrived at the bus stop. They walked to the door ahead of the old man who had been waiting in the cold. He was not amused and said something out of the corner of his mouth. Two things I learned from this. One, the world is full of people who are inconsiderate and lack respect. Two, I will never be bitter or regrets in my life. To date this promise stands, but it has not always been easy.

What is my dream job?

What I am doing right now. I am a photographer/video maker who has had the fortune of travelling the world.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job?

From the day that I completed my formal education in Photography in 1990 (in New York City) it has taken me over two decades to reach my goal. I was willing to take chances and not pass up any opportunity which came my way. It was not always related to photography/video but it gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion as a hobby and taught me something.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Focus, persistence and determination. If you give any of those up you will also give up any chance to reach your goal or dream job. To constantly educate yourself is also necessary especially in a persuit that involves technology.

Who are you?

I am a Swedish born photographer/video maker, educated in civil engineering and photography. I have cleared mines in Southern Lebanon with the UN Peacekeeping Forces, worked as a Weapons of Mass Destruction Inspector in Iraq for five years and verified the destruction of Chemical Weapons worldwide with OPCW for a dozen years. These were my side tracks to get where I am today. During those two decades I built my portfolio and kept shooting. See my work at www.henryarvidsson.com

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