ToP – creative Sunday

Last Sunday, I had a pleasure to be a part of a new, for me, women organisation, which is not so new, as next year it will be celebrating 15 years of existence.579054_405606306178746_1168761870_n

Recently, it seems that everything I do, I do around Polish community, starting with Miss Poland, following with POLONUS, to discover ToP, which is actually very an eye opening rediscovering my roots again from a different perspective being abroad. Even so long away from home, I am still closer to those new women, I met on Sunday, as we have the same history, background and humor. It is nice for a change to hang out with women from a different generations, from different environments yet from the same country, which made me feel at home.

Thanks to my wonderful friends, I met lately, I went to Amsterdam to meet even more extremely intelligent and interesting women from Poland, formating ToP – Vereniging van Poolse Vrouwen. Its another women organisation, trying to connect Polish speaking women within The Netherlands.

The meeting was under the creative umbrella. One of the members, was giving us some guidelines regarding drawing, perspective and horizons on the paintings. I must say it was a funny experience as I do like creativity, however this time I was so excited to meeting new people that I was focusing more on the chit chats than on drawings/paintings. That is why my draw of a simple pot, become a Christmas ball:), and I end up drawing colorful hands. 

Already the localisation of Amsterdam made it special adding laud Polish speaking ladies, just made my day. Therefore, without further thinking I became a member of ToP. 

2012-12-02 ToP

Dream Job Diva

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