Dream Job of Olga Rook-Novikova

Name:                  Olga Rook-Novikova               

Country/City:        Russia, Moscow

What is your dream?           

To do the things that make me happy and to make other people happy!

What is my dream job?

I am in my dream job now as a photographer/artist! I capture people’s personality, feelings and minds, I stop special moments and help create memories that last forever. This makes me feel a bit like a magician and I enjoy this tremendously! I like to concentrate on another person fully and to reveal one’s special beauty in my images. These images then preserve a real part of you. Also, for many women a personal photo shoot is a n exciting and fun way to re-discover their femininity and to gain more self-confidence. I love to be in charge of this! And I love the idea of creating personal works of art for real-life people.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

There came a moment in my life when I said to myself that this should be time to start my own business: so that later in life I will not regret that I did not pursue my dream. When you go for something that is really your dream then you are motivated and ready to work hard. I did. And I found my niche. I knew that I want to offer the kind of photography that is not common but based on a chique boutique principle. I am offering my clients extra time and attention they need and process their images in an individual and artistic style. This is exactly what I love doing and there are people who appreciate this!

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Think about your goals in life clearly, formulate your goals consciously, define concrete steps to reach your goals, have a written plan! Don’t give up when it does not work out immediately, stay committed.

Who are you?

I am originally from Russia and currently live in Rotterdam. Love mountains, flowers, good books, wild strawberries and fairytales. Websites: www.olgarook.com and www.lifefixation.com

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Stress reducing activities – Dancing

Cold, rainy day what is better than staying at home with hot chocolate, comfortable on the couch. Well there are some other options to meet new people, to do what you love and at the end to forget about anything and everything…

We are all busy, sometimes too busy to stop for a moment and reflect what makes you happy,  what brings you joy and in a stressful situation helps to survive. I know it, as when I was stressed, especially while searching for a job and not getting any positive reactions back, instead of doing what made me happy I was focusing more and more on being stress…

More stress creates more problems, you get a headache or a stomach pain and you became angry and frustrated, start being unpleasant towards your loved ones… Not the nicest person ever, and if you are in such state do you think somebody else who just met you and is able to receive your negativity is willing to have you around, is willing to hire you…??? Absolutely NOT. 

Therefore, start right now – look around, ask yourself:

  • ”What makes me happy?” or
  • ”What can I do to forget my problem at least for few hours?”

For me the best way to reduce stress and become free and happy person is dancing. I simply love dancing regardless of the style. Put a music and my body does the dance if I want it or not:). Even my mother used to say that when I was little each time the music was on my whole body was moving in the rhythm of it. 

Last night friend of mine and at the same time my belly dance teacher Zahara, was organising Arabic Night Party.

Last night was cold and I was not really in the mood of going out, ready to crawl on my couch and watch some TV. However due to the fact I have already experience Zahara’s party last year and she is my friend, therefore I didn’t want to disappoint her I put myself together and went, with a plan in my head I will be back home within an hour. Nothing further from the truth, seeing so many familiar faces and the most important hearing wonderful Arabic and Latin music (forgot to mention my belly dance teacher is of Venezuelan origin), I couldn’t resist I needed to dance. I am so glad I did come to the Arabic Party – it was the best present I could give myself, moreover I received so many positive comments on my style of dancing that it made my day. 

The final culminate moment of the party was when Zahara began to dance into accompaniment of the drums  of Sattar. Unforgettable, and even better as Sattar was kind enough to let me play with him. Well I was just improvising but again I am good at it following Improvisation Theater.Dia1

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ToP – creative Sunday

Last Sunday, I had a pleasure to be a part of a new, for me, women organisation, which is not so new, as next year it will be celebrating 15 years of existence.579054_405606306178746_1168761870_n

Recently, it seems that everything I do, I do around Polish community, starting with Miss Poland, following with POLONUS, to discover ToP, which is actually very an eye opening rediscovering my roots again from a different perspective being abroad. Even so long away from home, I am still closer to those new women, I met on Sunday, as we have the same history, background and humor. It is nice for a change to hang out with women from a different generations, from different environments yet from the same country, which made me feel at home.

Thanks to my wonderful friends, I met lately, I went to Amsterdam to meet even more extremely intelligent and interesting women from Poland, formating ToP – Vereniging van Poolse Vrouwen. Its another women organisation, trying to connect Polish speaking women within The Netherlands.

The meeting was under the creative umbrella. One of the members, was giving us some guidelines regarding drawing, perspective and horizons on the paintings. I must say it was a funny experience as I do like creativity, however this time I was so excited to meeting new people that I was focusing more on the chit chats than on drawings/paintings. That is why my draw of a simple pot, become a Christmas ball:), and I end up drawing colorful hands. 

Already the localisation of Amsterdam made it special adding laud Polish speaking ladies, just made my day. Therefore, without further thinking I became a member of ToP. 

2012-12-02 ToP

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