Maintaining the Positive Thinking with Noa Brume

In November JO(B)ANNA was facilitating another ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting.

Myself, I did not expected what has happened during the meeting. We were 12 women from countries such as: The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia, UK and Poland.

I am always trying to make each meeting a bit different than the last one, especially that I had few ladies who came for the second time and one special lady Maja who was there at the very fist meeting in 2010. We just realized that time flies and it seems we should celebrate as ”Connect with your dream job” exist already more than 2 years.

So this time I decided to led all the ladies to have some fun and burst their creativity by asking them to draw with colors their names. I basically asked them to create the logo. Amazing what we have explored while explaining what and why we put as our logo. See on the photo some of it.

When asked what this exercise gave them the outcome was as follow:

  • I got inspired by others while listening their stories;
  • I did not know this about myself till now;
  • I was able to find myself through the creativity;
  • I saw I am not alone;
  • Amazing that I was able to express myself in such short time and in front of the strangers;
  • I was always focusing on finding a job, but not on what exactly I wish to do;

Those women arrived to the meeting with their own expectations, wishes and needs, of course with the main idea in mind of finding a job:

  • they wanted to see what is others experience in that matter;
  • they wanted to have fun;
  • they were curios;
  • they wanted to network and meet new people who are in the same situation;
  • for some it was the first step in order to take care of themselves and to keep up psychologically fit knowing that within few months they will be unemployed.

I was happy that all of the women were gentle with each other and open to share the deepest thoughts and were not afraid of tears and bad emotion. So important to feel safe, to be able to express yourself. We cannot keep everything inside, we do need to led our feelings to be heard.

I also had a surprise for the participants as previous participant Noa Brume agreed to share her knowledge and expertise to present for 20 minutes. Noa took as in to the optimistic world of positive thinking. Her warm voice and friendly attitude was welcoming others to be relax and just absorb the wisdom of Noa. The main idea I took it from her was:

”You need to control your attitude towards what you are thinking. You are not able to control the thoughts but you are able to control what you are about to do with them”.

In this case following Noa we shall personalized our thoughts and have dialog with them and at the same time we shall be active and try to replace the pessimistic / bad thoughts with new and positive one.

Thank you Noa for being brave and presenting your knowledge so other women can benefit from your wisdom.

For such meetings I am doing what I am doing. The amazing amount of positive energy and warmth just gave me a lot of energy to go further with my other tasks during the day. We all went with a gift as every one of us received 3 complements / positive words to take it with them home. 

I must say I needed a handkerchief as I was not able to hide tears, they were good tears –  I call them the fountain of joy:).

Dream Job Diva

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