Do or not to do…a business in Poland?

On 8th of November 2012, ING bank organised an International Business Conference in Eindhoven. As always the conference was in Dutch, taking into consideration that I was able to follow and understand what it was all about, I am proud of my language skills and that I was able to be a part of such business minded event without missing anything.

Not only, I had a chance to go to this conference with my lovely friend, and had an opportunity to admire the architecture of the Evoluon building the conference was held in, also I was nicely surprise while at every seminar and / or presentation during the whole day Poland was mentioned often enough to make an positive association it is a perfect place to do business with.

Almost every presenting person was in some way referring to my country. Some of them where showing statistics of the years when the crises hits the most and Poland was not affected by it.

Others where showing the economic growth of my country. To be only followed by those who were telling that lots of Polish people left the country to gather international experience and / or education and they came back and now they are helping to put the country on the top level. Moreover, the presenters were pointing out the fact that in general Polish people are well educated, sometimes having more than only one University degree, with great language skills.

Sitting and listing to those little remarks regarding Poland my hear was singing with happiness and proud. Poland is being viewed as important partner  and place to take an example from. 

To be even more satisfy with what I have heard, all of the above was said by the Dutch businessmen, politicians and famous people.

So do not hesitate come to visit Poland and do business with hard working Polish people, it is worth it. 

Of course the conference was not only about Poland, in general it was about East Europe and how to do business in those countries. Some tips were given on how to make first impressions, how to negotiate and finally how to maintain relationships with Eastern European countries. One thing for sure, we are all different than the Dutch and people do need more time in order to get to know you, to trust you in order to do business with you.  

Dream Job Diva

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