Dream Job of Maja Todorovic

I have met Maja in September of 2010 when she has joined my first ”Connect with your dream job” support group meeting. She almost participated in all of the meetings. We became friends (one of the best things which has happened after I launched Connect with your dream job). Later on Maja joined me on Connecting Women board. I am happy and proud to have her in my life.  

Name:                  Maja Todorovic  

Country / city:       Serbia / Zemun

What is your dream?

Well I have/had several dreams and most of them I have fulfilled! My teenage dream came true three years ago when my favorite bend got together again after 25 years and had the opportunity to see/hear them alive on the stage (Ultravox) and now their brand new album is going to be published in couple  of days! So there’s a lot of excitement about that! My other dream was finding a man that I could share my life with which also is fulfilled. And the last one (which one I’m still working on 🙂 is to help and teach people how they can live and work in more healthier and sustainable manner. It is closely connected to my other passion – which is writing.

What is my dream job? 

After leaving my home country in 2010 to join my partner in the Netherlands I also left my job at the University where I worked as an assistant professor. Change was pretty harsh and it forced to me look deep inside myself and see which professional path I want to take. I knew I would still like to help and teach people about the importance of our environment and resources but I actually changed the means of doing that. I published a book called: “From environmentally responsible business to profit: practical guide for small and microenterprises” and is customized for Serbian market. The book has been very well received and now soon the Croatian version of the book and management system that there has been presented is going to be published. We are thinking of doing it for other markets as well. Now I can say that I’m living my dream job: doing meaningful job, helping people and all of that through writing!

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Achievement came through inspiration and persistence.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Be courageous! Be innovative and creative! Earl Nightingale used to say that there is no competition in life, unless we make it for ourselves – all we have to do is create!

Who are you?

I’m writer. I’m learner and teacher in the same time. I’m in love with nature and science and like to pass on my knowledge and experience to other people while contributing to the development of more sustainable future.  www.ekoposlovanje.rs

 Coordinated by Dream Job Diva

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