Bad hair day and so…

There is nothing better to cheer you up than a good hair cut.

I like to experiment with my hair colour, length and shape, however I am also very conscious while choosing my hairdresser. There is nothing worse than spending lots of time and money and coming home realising we do need a new hair cut otherwise we are not able to show ourselves publicly.

When the weather changes, darkness is more common than a day light lots of us experiencing swing of mood, pessimists thoughts and decrees of energy.

With all task and stress regarding our family, friends and our work or searching for one it is a time to do something only for ourselves.

What is the best present you can give yourself than a bit of a free, quality time and a brand new, fabulous and trendy haircut. You are immediately going to feel better and smile to yourself and world around you.

I can share this experience with you as I gone to my friend Luda, who is a fantastic hairdresser, based in The Hague (soon, in December she will open her salon – more information will follow), coming to her I was tired and unhappy with my previous look.

Do you know the feeling as your hair runs your life not the other way around. Each day I wake up I do not know what to expect as my hair has a specific structure and if I will spend hours to straighten it , it will start wave journey in all different direction. When I wish to have a curly hairstyle my hair decides go other way. Or simply I look like a lion king, but not anymore.

Sitting at my friend chair I was struggling what I wish to look like. I did not need to worry as she is a brilliant hairdresser and she made me look sexy (see photo) and feel like million dollar lady.

She definitely is having her dream job as she enjoyed it and even more important she is good at it.


Dream Job Diva

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