No matter what – be yourself !!!

JO(B)ANNA again facilitated in October the ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting in The Hague. New people, new location, new approach and new, inspiring outcome after all.

Six women from all over the world. Six women in different age with diverse life and work experience. Six women with unusual aspirations and dreams regarding their careers and yet six so similar, so understanding and so spiritual women. One special and eye opening morning with wonderful people, I personally learn a lot. 

The main aim for most of the participants was: 

  • Find out other dreams;
  • Get clarity;
  • Find out how to turn ideas into action;
  • Discover how to be visible in order to be found (both as an employee and as a business owner) / how to sell yourself, your services, your products; 
  • Connecting with people;
  • Learning more about social media;
  • How to overcome the big gap on your CV, during the job interview; 
  • Stop being stuck and terrify – to overcome the fear coming from the rejection; 
  • To get a courage to go places and meet people;

The above images, where randomly chosen by all of us. Each illustration was an reflection of our feeling at the particular moment, and again we all were bubbling towards the same direction. We all had very similar first impressions and associations.

No matter who we are, where we are and what we do, we do need to be ourselves, as that is the only possibility to be happy. Being happy attract the positive energy. We are than surrounded by positive people and finally we receiving what we desire.

Though remember that in order to receive something you cannot be passive! Actively awaiting for the dream, gives more chances to achieve it. So do not wait, do something but no matter what be yourself.

Dream Job Diva


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