Find your inner Goddess, your inner God…

Recently I have read  very inspiring, very mysterious and at the same time very philosophical book by known, Polish coach Maciej Bennewicz  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’ (‘’ The truth is hypnosis’’). 

I believe I have all books of Mr. Bennerwicz, as he does write for coaches how to become a better one. At the same time he also run courses for those who wish to become a coach. Moreover, he also wrote few novels including  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’.

While reading it I have traveled with the main hero between two real and unrealistic worlds. I was so taken by the story, that to be honest for a moment I thought that what Mr. Bennewicz wrote about it can be true. Amazing, however I was also nicely surprised, when I thought I knew the end of the story and it did not turns to be true. Well done, usually when one read a book or watch the movie can easily predict the end , this time it was not possible.  I thought that the main character will finally wake up from the hypnotic trans to the reality and all what we have read about was only in his head. Not at all…unfortunately this book is only in Polish language  – thus only my Polish readers can experience what Mr. Bennewicz was trying to teach us via this story.

One thing I realised during reading it was the fact that we do need to treat ourselves as  we are the goddess / gods.  God is everywhere and we were created on the similarity of him, therefore  in order to respect God and our believes (no matter which one) we do need to start respecting ourselves.

Now I also understand, what one of my belly dance teachers said: within each women there is a goddess we only need a time and willingness to retrieve it and show it to yourself and to the world.

Treating our body and mind with respect. Giving a time for preparation of the food for your body and for your mind. I realised that I was not doing it either. In our society we are constantly running to achieve something, at the same time forgetting that if we will not take care of ourselves no achievement will be valuable award, when we will burn out.

Therefore, try to reconnect with your inner Goddess, your inner God and treat them with all privileges and attentions they do deserve. Pleased them and listen to what they are telling you, as they do want only what is best for you.

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