Dare to care…money and finance…

Have you ever worried about unpaid bills? Have you ever said no to your child only because you were not able to afford to buy what your child desired? Have you ever felt ashamed only because you did not have enough money?

If so you shall read ‘’Dare to care a love based foundation for money and finance” by Louis Bohtlingk and / or attend his workshop ‘’Dare to Care’’ run together with his lovely, spiritual wife Sandra. 

I had a pleasure meeting them both during their workshop today, where Louis become my big spiritual brother / sister, as I thought Louis was a girl.

I did not know much about the workshop only that it was about the money. Who nowadays would not want to increase the value of their pocket money.

So I went open minded without any expectations. And good I did so, due to the subject I thought it will be some economics talk and difficult issues to understand and follow. That to my surprise it was all based on emotion, energy and money, putting the money as last. It was more about things of self awareness and self development than actual money earnings.

Small group of open minded people, warm and understanding approach of Louis and Sandra created a great, safe platform to share and discuss the money related issues and problems.

However in certain point while working in the groups, we got into conclusion that money do not exist, that money are the virtual and imaginary product and yet so powerful and so demanding that keeps people fighting for it and make people to disconnect with the true essence of human being – LOVE.

We first need to discover ourselves, in order to understand our desires and discover our talents to be able to share it with others. We need to be able to love ourselves first in order to be able to give and receive love.

Once loving and caring about ourselves we are able to care for our finance.

Wonderful Sunday, I learn a lot about myself, experience strange, powerful yet scary rush of energy which at the end I was able to push it away.

Big Thank you to Sandra and Louis for their time and energy, I had a bless.

Dream Job Diva 


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