Creating a positive energy at your work

Working can be challenging and demanding task to do if you do not work on it.   

We spending majority of our time at work, for work and after work thinking about work (task or a stressful situation / colleague).

Most of the time half of the stress and unpleasant feeling connected to work is nothing more than our own perception. We have heard that somebody is not very sympathetic colleague or very demanding boss and we do not bother to see, to check for ourselves that maybe it is different.

Have you ever had that you heard something unpleasant concerning something or someone and you immediately did not like it or become afraid of it? I did, till the moment I grow up and decided that I am the only person who can say, think and make up my mind about anything and anybody. I need to give a chance (sometimes even a second one) in order to say: ‘’ok, I will like you or not’’.

I believe that once you do got a chance and you do have a job you should make the most of it and do your job well.

Do not go into any office drama. Why I mentioned that? Well we do work with people, and people are different (not only men are from Mars and women from Venus) we are really different. We like gossip, we like to see someone hurting and someone’s failure, we like to laugh at someone, we like to boss someone and humiliate. Luckily not everybody is so mean and cruel. Luckily we are living in times where we can be ourselves and we can make up our minds and be friendly, pleasant and helpful towards each other.

Therefore, do not gossip, people will do it anyway – but why should you be as them.

Therefore, be yourself as long as you do not harm your colleagues and your work place.

Therefore, help others and ask for help – we are only humans and we do need others in order to make best of it.

Therefore, if possible get to know your colleagues / your co-workers and your managers, so you can avoid their bad day and create a nice, friendly and positive atmosphere at work.

I have heard a long time ago, or I have read that, I am not sure anymore a very nice metaphor :

‘’A mad dog enter the room full of mirrors. What do you think he has faced? He has faced hundreds of angry, barking dogs so he has become even more irritated and started attacking. Imagine, what would happened if the same dog would enter the mirrors room happy with wagging tails? The dog will see hundreds of smiley and happy, inviting him to have fun dogs and he will be even more happy, positive and willing to cooperate.’’ 

If we bring to our work a bad mood and create a negative energy around us, we can be 100% sure we will get nothing else than negativity, however if we will decide to leave our personal problems home and come with a smile and positive, optimistic attitude to work – we will discover that the work is not so hard, that the boss is not so bad and that your co-workers are actually willing to help you.

Create your own positive energy at work. Create your own jin and jang harmony, so you can survive a working day and go happy to your family to continue the harmony and have a pleasant evening.

Dream Job Diva


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