No matter what – be yourself !!!

JO(B)ANNA again facilitated in October the ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting in The Hague. New people, new location, new approach and new, inspiring outcome after all.

Six women from all over the world. Six women in different age with diverse life and work experience. Six women with unusual aspirations and dreams regarding their careers and yet six so similar, so understanding and so spiritual women. One special and eye opening morning with wonderful people, I personally learn a lot. 

The main aim for most of the participants was: 

  • Find out other dreams;
  • Get clarity;
  • Find out how to turn ideas into action;
  • Discover how to be visible in order to be found (both as an employee and as a business owner) / how to sell yourself, your services, your products; 
  • Connecting with people;
  • Learning more about social media;
  • How to overcome the big gap on your CV, during the job interview; 
  • Stop being stuck and terrify – to overcome the fear coming from the rejection; 
  • To get a courage to go places and meet people;

The above images, where randomly chosen by all of us. Each illustration was an reflection of our feeling at the particular moment, and again we all were bubbling towards the same direction. We all had very similar first impressions and associations.

No matter who we are, where we are and what we do, we do need to be ourselves, as that is the only possibility to be happy. Being happy attract the positive energy. We are than surrounded by positive people and finally we receiving what we desire.

Though remember that in order to receive something you cannot be passive! Actively awaiting for the dream, gives more chances to achieve it. So do not wait, do something but no matter what be yourself.

Dream Job Diva

Dream Job of Federico Brunelli

I actually have never met Federico personally. We have connected several years ago on Facebook and since than we do keep in touch. It is really nice to get to know a foreign person, who took a time and an effort to learn my native language – Polish.

Name:                Federico Brunelli

Country / city:     Italy / Ferrara & Poland / Czestochowa

What is your dream?

To live in harmony… to grow my son and to have enough time to appreciate our nature!

What is my dream job?

My dream job is an “unconventional” useful job.. I mean, it is related to quality of life, but it isn’t widely recognized… it is nature management!

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

In the last 10 years I was involved in a large number of projects: environmental monitoring, nature conservation & management, sustainable productions (fishery)…only in 2008 I did understand what I really want: make sustainability reliable! after a MSc in Physics, I did work in environmental protection agency, in a park authority and as an independent freelance. It’s great! but the means never ends and, finally, next Monday I’ll defend my PhD in Environmental Science – Conservation and Management of Natural Resources. A great opportunity, as well as I feel really better …

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Well, sport was very important for my character…My sport teach you to never give up and be ready!! With your job, you have to do the same. Understand what you want, and keep on trying! But remember: nowadays, “work” means a lot of things: job activities, training, further courses and networking! Speak with a lot people, share ideas, skills, opportunities and …enjoy!

Who are you?

Federico Brunelli, independet consultant in environmental management;

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva

Find your inner Goddess, your inner God…

Recently I have read  very inspiring, very mysterious and at the same time very philosophical book by known, Polish coach Maciej Bennewicz  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’ (‘’ The truth is hypnosis’’). 

I believe I have all books of Mr. Bennerwicz, as he does write for coaches how to become a better one. At the same time he also run courses for those who wish to become a coach. Moreover, he also wrote few novels including  ‘’Prawda jest hipnozą’’.

While reading it I have traveled with the main hero between two real and unrealistic worlds. I was so taken by the story, that to be honest for a moment I thought that what Mr. Bennewicz wrote about it can be true. Amazing, however I was also nicely surprised, when I thought I knew the end of the story and it did not turns to be true. Well done, usually when one read a book or watch the movie can easily predict the end , this time it was not possible.  I thought that the main character will finally wake up from the hypnotic trans to the reality and all what we have read about was only in his head. Not at all…unfortunately this book is only in Polish language  – thus only my Polish readers can experience what Mr. Bennewicz was trying to teach us via this story.

One thing I realised during reading it was the fact that we do need to treat ourselves as  we are the goddess / gods.  God is everywhere and we were created on the similarity of him, therefore  in order to respect God and our believes (no matter which one) we do need to start respecting ourselves.

Now I also understand, what one of my belly dance teachers said: within each women there is a goddess we only need a time and willingness to retrieve it and show it to yourself and to the world.

Treating our body and mind with respect. Giving a time for preparation of the food for your body and for your mind. I realised that I was not doing it either. In our society we are constantly running to achieve something, at the same time forgetting that if we will not take care of ourselves no achievement will be valuable award, when we will burn out.

Therefore, try to reconnect with your inner Goddess, your inner God and treat them with all privileges and attentions they do deserve. Pleased them and listen to what they are telling you, as they do want only what is best for you.

Dream Job Diva

Dare to care…money and finance…

Have you ever worried about unpaid bills? Have you ever said no to your child only because you were not able to afford to buy what your child desired? Have you ever felt ashamed only because you did not have enough money?

If so you shall read ‘’Dare to care a love based foundation for money and finance” by Louis Bohtlingk and / or attend his workshop ‘’Dare to Care’’ run together with his lovely, spiritual wife Sandra. 

I had a pleasure meeting them both during their workshop today, where Louis become my big spiritual brother / sister, as I thought Louis was a girl.

I did not know much about the workshop only that it was about the money. Who nowadays would not want to increase the value of their pocket money.

So I went open minded without any expectations. And good I did so, due to the subject I thought it will be some economics talk and difficult issues to understand and follow. That to my surprise it was all based on emotion, energy and money, putting the money as last. It was more about things of self awareness and self development than actual money earnings.

Small group of open minded people, warm and understanding approach of Louis and Sandra created a great, safe platform to share and discuss the money related issues and problems.

However in certain point while working in the groups, we got into conclusion that money do not exist, that money are the virtual and imaginary product and yet so powerful and so demanding that keeps people fighting for it and make people to disconnect with the true essence of human being – LOVE.

We first need to discover ourselves, in order to understand our desires and discover our talents to be able to share it with others. We need to be able to love ourselves first in order to be able to give and receive love.

Once loving and caring about ourselves we are able to care for our finance.

Wonderful Sunday, I learn a lot about myself, experience strange, powerful yet scary rush of energy which at the end I was able to push it away.

Big Thank you to Sandra and Louis for their time and energy, I had a bless.

Dream Job Diva 

Creating a positive energy at your work

Working can be challenging and demanding task to do if you do not work on it.   

We spending majority of our time at work, for work and after work thinking about work (task or a stressful situation / colleague).

Most of the time half of the stress and unpleasant feeling connected to work is nothing more than our own perception. We have heard that somebody is not very sympathetic colleague or very demanding boss and we do not bother to see, to check for ourselves that maybe it is different.

Have you ever had that you heard something unpleasant concerning something or someone and you immediately did not like it or become afraid of it? I did, till the moment I grow up and decided that I am the only person who can say, think and make up my mind about anything and anybody. I need to give a chance (sometimes even a second one) in order to say: ‘’ok, I will like you or not’’.

I believe that once you do got a chance and you do have a job you should make the most of it and do your job well.

Do not go into any office drama. Why I mentioned that? Well we do work with people, and people are different (not only men are from Mars and women from Venus) we are really different. We like gossip, we like to see someone hurting and someone’s failure, we like to laugh at someone, we like to boss someone and humiliate. Luckily not everybody is so mean and cruel. Luckily we are living in times where we can be ourselves and we can make up our minds and be friendly, pleasant and helpful towards each other.

Therefore, do not gossip, people will do it anyway – but why should you be as them.

Therefore, be yourself as long as you do not harm your colleagues and your work place.

Therefore, help others and ask for help – we are only humans and we do need others in order to make best of it.

Therefore, if possible get to know your colleagues / your co-workers and your managers, so you can avoid their bad day and create a nice, friendly and positive atmosphere at work.

I have heard a long time ago, or I have read that, I am not sure anymore a very nice metaphor :

‘’A mad dog enter the room full of mirrors. What do you think he has faced? He has faced hundreds of angry, barking dogs so he has become even more irritated and started attacking. Imagine, what would happened if the same dog would enter the mirrors room happy with wagging tails? The dog will see hundreds of smiley and happy, inviting him to have fun dogs and he will be even more happy, positive and willing to cooperate.’’ 

If we bring to our work a bad mood and create a negative energy around us, we can be 100% sure we will get nothing else than negativity, however if we will decide to leave our personal problems home and come with a smile and positive, optimistic attitude to work – we will discover that the work is not so hard, that the boss is not so bad and that your co-workers are actually willing to help you.

Create your own positive energy at work. Create your own jin and jang harmony, so you can survive a working day and go happy to your family to continue the harmony and have a pleasant evening.

Dream Job Diva