Unemployed going to the Coach

Being unemployed can be your own choice, that unfortunately doesn’t happened so often and for sure not in the current economic times, or it can be an effect  of other  unpleasant aspects. 

You can become very annoying person, who behave as lost everything and it has its rights to be angry and unhappy or you can use that time to rediscover yourself, your life and career.

Searching for a job and searching for a new career  is a results of many factors:

  • You may be a graduate and very new to the job market,
  • You are a young mother who decided to come back to work,
  • You are a good spouse following your significant other to the other part of the world and need to reestablish your own career path,
  • You got fired and you are in need of supporting yourself and your family,
  • You simply have enough of your current job and you are in need of a new work place.

In all above cases one will need a support group, support system, a backup plan and a coach to integrate him/herself within a new situation in order to be able to face a new reality and make it easier for him /herself as well as the loved ones.

In any situation you need to be aware of what you can and what you are able to do. In order to find a new job / new career as well as to survive with the limited amount of income.

Sharing your fears, your ideas, plans and failures  with your loved one and / or your friends is very important, however some may feels as they (supposedly the closes people to you) not necessary understand you and  / or do not really want to support you or simply do not have time for you.

That is a time when a coach can be useful. Coaching session one-on-one and  / or in group where you can share openly what bothers you, where you can come up with new ideas and explore them.

Coaching sessions are for a coachee to help them to be themselves.  One can see it as an investment for a future as well as a stress relief time. Coach will help you with your CV, job search, finding your strong points and will make sure you are ready and you believe in yourself so you can face anything. You will be more assertive and aware how to present your self and how to communicate with others. You will be able to express yourself and your needs and wishes. You will be heard, understood and appreciated…

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