Why are we our worst enemies when looking for a job?

I remember when I was searching for a job, at certain point I really did not care where and how I was sending my CV. I was so tired and unhappy with the outcome of my previous applications than only for my guilty conscious and because everyone around kept asking : ‘’How is your job search going?’’, I felt I need to have a proof I am doing something. Blaming on recruiters and HR people was my favorite thing – as they do not know what they are missing.

Nothing more closer from the truth.

One day I received an invite for a telephone job interview the very next day. I panicked as I did not have a clue what it is all about (sending just to send the CV not knowing for what and if you really fit). I was looking for the name of the company and job description (one good think in this whole mess was that I kept track of all sent jobs – even not knowing anymore for what I have sent CV for).

Imagine when I finally found the job description just 15 minutes before the actual interview. I read it and it was a perfect job for me – I was so excited.

Well never got that job as it was way too late to prepare myself. I did not know why I wanted that job, what was so special about the company. I got so excited and nervous as I liked what I just read that I really wanted to get that job. But huge willingness is not giving you a job if you do not know what you talking about. You need preparation time, to know why you will fit in the position and company culture. That is why it is so crucial to investigate the company: culture, products, services, people working there, media about it. Interview is for both you and company to find out if there is a mutual fit. Even if you badly need a job it can happened that the company / people are not your cup of tea. Than is better to look further to find a piece of happiness with the pay check at the end of each month. 

Since then I made a decision: I will send one but good application per week or even two weeks rather than everyday 10 to 20 CV’s.

That way I had more time for enjoying my life, more time to actually focus (one day a week) for actual job search and preparing this one great CV. As each CV and Motivation Letter really need to be tailor accordingly to the job and company you are applying for.

Now I could say, I was really looking for a job and if I did not hear anything or received an negative answer, I knew from my side I did 200% and more to present myself – and it was really the other side who did not recognized my talent and potential.

Dream Job Diva

3 thoughts on “Why are we our worst enemies when looking for a job?

  1. Thanks for your post. This sounds exactly like my current experience. Having moved a few weeks ago from the Uk with my husband, I feel am overwhelming pressure to apply to every post that I see. I can identify with the constant questioning of “How is the job search going?”.
    Thanks for your words of wisdom and comfort. You are right, I promise to adopt your strategy and positive approach.

  2. Thank you Sam for sharing with me and others your current experience. I am happy you found me and that you are enjoying reading the blog. If you just moved in to the new country, why not take an advantage and try to get to know the surroundings first, slowly getting into job search. Once you will get your ”dream” job, you will find out you do not have enough time to discover and enjoy new places. Take care and all the best in your job search.

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