Dream Job of Alexander Stamelos

I believe I have met Alexander fall of 2011 in The Hague, when we both were helping a friend with some marketing / advertising project. Since The Hague is really small and almost every expat one day or another will finally run on each other – we begun to meet up at some expat’s events around the city.

Name:                  Alexander Stamelos  

Country/City:        The Netherlands / The Hague

What is your dream?

To achieve finance independent without being help prisoners from companies and employers.

What is my dream job?

If it’s a job it’s not a dream then.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I haven’t achieve my goal yet but I’m working on it.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

If it is truly your dream, just go for it! Have a sense of reality for what you looking for. Don’t let dream robbers steal your dream.

Who are you?

I am Alexander Stamelos , importer –exporter, and independent associate for Talk Fusion and other companies.


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