How to feel at home far away from home?

There are many reasons one can find him/herself away from home. You can be away from your family home, your city and your country. If you are fortunate enough you are relocating with your loved one. But what if someone do not have so much luck and need to build their whole life being on him/her own?

In my opinion except finding a place to live and make it cozy, finding like minded people is crucial – as they will be your ‘’family’’ far away from your own.

I am usually going for a language course – as that way I am able to learn something and at the same time meet new people. That is how I have learn English. Never had it at school so had to learn it other way. Intensive summer courses for me are fantastic way of spending time. Brilliant way to meet fabulous people and get to know new countries. In case it is a country of your relocation you also understand the culture and its citizens more, which at the end allow you to fit a bit in a new environment, hence feel more like at home.

Another idea of mine is to attend dance course – you not only keep fit but you relies stress absolutely.

Further dependently if you work or not, you may want to help others by doing some voluntary work. Fantastic way to meet people again. More important it is a way of gaining an essential experience which can be useful while searching / applying for a job.

Today I have discovered a new way of feeling at home far away from home and stress relief activity for sure. While laughing out loud for more than an hour, I completely forgot about the whole universe playing along with 18 international strangers at the ‘’Improvisation workshop’’ run by Improfessioneel representative.

The only thing I knew was that it will be about improvisation and that it will be in English – nothing more nothing less. And I am happy I did not know anything else as I simply went with a flow and enjoyed the whole evening, every moment of it. So much positive energy – the nicest thing was that all participants went along as well – amazing.

I am so impressed and happy as I believe dance and theater hence creativity are crucial while coaching people. I will definitely use some of exercises / techniques while preparing my future workshops or coaching one-on-one. Thank you for a brilliant evening Wouter. For a moment I was safe almost like at home and that is amazing feeling.

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