Dream Job of Andrew Balcombe

I have met Andrew few years ago at the ”Feel at home in The Hague”’ Fair in the city hall of The Hague. He has approached the Connecting Women stand, where I was representing the CW, with his camera and microphone. It was my first camera act. Since then we have met several times always to do some interview where Andrew was running a show and I was bubbling to the camera. I must say he has a gift to make a person calm and relaxed (at least I did not feel any fear to be his star…).

Name:                  Andrew Balcombe 

Country/City:        The Netherlands / The Hague

What is your dream?

I would like to publish my first book, (which is written by the way), I would also like to film and direct a music video (you asked). And then, once I have those out of the way, I would like to spend a year creating a wildlife and street photography book.

What is my dream job?

What I do now. I’m a freelance media creative, which means I write about a huge range of subjects. I also photograph the same range of subjects, this could be anything from the Mayor of The Hague to the Dutch Commandoes and Marines, and I also make films.

There are also a few other things I do, but they’re not as exciting.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I finally told myself to stick to the path, do what I enjoy and work my arse off until I succeed.

I think its important to have a longterm plan, I always set myself a short and mid term timeline and have a clear idea of what I want to achieve by then.

If it is working fine, if not, I alter or change strategy. If you don’t adapt in this climate you are in trouble. It’s important to talk to people in your field and get new ideas and information. Sometimes you have to go beyond your fears and just ask those dumb questions. Often the answers will completely change your entire perspective or set you in a different direction.

Recently I had been working so hard and not getting as far as I had wanted. A trip to Paris followed by a day running around in the mud with the Commandos fixed that.

It gave me distance and most importantly perspective, then I had passion again to keep following my path.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

See above.I’m a man, who knows one must make hay while the sun is shining.

Who are you?

I am Andrew Balcombe and I’ve lived in The Hague for the last 12 years. Being an Australian, I still cry sometimes during the Dutch winters. You can see some of my work at www.andrewbalcombe.com and www.thexpat.tv


Unemployed going to the Coach

Being unemployed can be your own choice, that unfortunately doesn’t happened so often and for sure not in the current economic times, or it can be an effect  of other  unpleasant aspects. 

You can become very annoying person, who behave as lost everything and it has its rights to be angry and unhappy or you can use that time to rediscover yourself, your life and career.

Searching for a job and searching for a new career  is a results of many factors:

  • You may be a graduate and very new to the job market,
  • You are a young mother who decided to come back to work,
  • You are a good spouse following your significant other to the other part of the world and need to reestablish your own career path,
  • You got fired and you are in need of supporting yourself and your family,
  • You simply have enough of your current job and you are in need of a new work place.

In all above cases one will need a support group, support system, a backup plan and a coach to integrate him/herself within a new situation in order to be able to face a new reality and make it easier for him /herself as well as the loved ones.

In any situation you need to be aware of what you can and what you are able to do. In order to find a new job / new career as well as to survive with the limited amount of income.

Sharing your fears, your ideas, plans and failures  with your loved one and / or your friends is very important, however some may feels as they (supposedly the closes people to you) not necessary understand you and  / or do not really want to support you or simply do not have time for you.

That is a time when a coach can be useful. Coaching session one-on-one and  / or in group where you can share openly what bothers you, where you can come up with new ideas and explore them.

Coaching sessions are for a coachee to help them to be themselves.  One can see it as an investment for a future as well as a stress relief time. Coach will help you with your CV, job search, finding your strong points and will make sure you are ready and you believe in yourself so you can face anything. You will be more assertive and aware how to present your self and how to communicate with others. You will be able to express yourself and your needs and wishes. You will be heard, understood and appreciated…

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Dream Job Diva

What works for you while searching for a job?

Last Friday ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support group have met again after the summer break. It was special as we had 3 unusual guests: 2 little kids, who decided to support their mothers in their journey of searching for a new career path and for the first time we had a man member. I believe that dream job is not only the women privilege, that is why I was happy to welcome our first man to the group.  

It was also good to know for myself where the members have heard about the support group, like Connecting Women, ACCESS, LinkedIn and Google search including my website and this blog.

There were also many different reasons, with the main one searching for a job, like attraction of the meeting itself, inspiring name of the group, networking, sharing the same view after reading some of my blog posts.

I am very happy that more and more people are reading the blog and more and more people feel connected to what I have wrote, as this is the main aim for me to create the comfort, safe zone for anybody and everybody who do need a friendly, open minded advise / coaching.

I am also happy to say that one member of the last meeting agreed to run for 15 to 20 minutes ‘’Positive thinking’’ workshop at the following ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ meeting in order to share her passion and knowledge with others as well as trying her way towards her dream job. Therefore, I could say, that the meeting was already successful.

One of the question raised during the meeting was: 

Share with the whole group your personal tip while searching for a job – what works for you?

Here are some answers given by the members, which can be useful for you, readers: 

1. Attending life networking meetings, don’t be scared or lazy go to talk with people;

2. Make use of LinkedIn – don’t be shy, allow yourself and have a courage to approach people; make connections;

3. Set up your expectations accordingly to your possibilities; be realistic;

4. You and your CV as well as Motivation Letters need to be catchy and stand out from the crowd;

5. People / recruiters do look for personality, for character, for a spark and connection;

6. You do need to be authentic;

7. Sending CV is a passive way to get a job, be more active: follow / investigate the companies, check if you fit there, become a member of a LinkedIn group;

8. Change your attitude;

9. Trust your intuition and follow your heart;

10. Be sure you have some activities outside the job search, to make you happy and to keep you busy;

11. The only way to create the room for something new is to create some space;

12. To get a job, one needs to have good tools, the tools which need to come from the inside / from you, good CV, knowledge of social media etc…

Hope that those tips will be useful to some of you. 

In case you have other tips, what makes you successful while searching for a job, we all will be glad to read about it.

Check the website: www.dreamjobdiva.com for upcoming meetings…

Dream Job Diva 

Why are we our worst enemies when looking for a job?

I remember when I was searching for a job, at certain point I really did not care where and how I was sending my CV. I was so tired and unhappy with the outcome of my previous applications than only for my guilty conscious and because everyone around kept asking : ‘’How is your job search going?’’, I felt I need to have a proof I am doing something. Blaming on recruiters and HR people was my favorite thing – as they do not know what they are missing.

Nothing more closer from the truth.

One day I received an invite for a telephone job interview the very next day. I panicked as I did not have a clue what it is all about (sending just to send the CV not knowing for what and if you really fit). I was looking for the name of the company and job description (one good think in this whole mess was that I kept track of all sent jobs – even not knowing anymore for what I have sent CV for).

Imagine when I finally found the job description just 15 minutes before the actual interview. I read it and it was a perfect job for me – I was so excited.

Well never got that job as it was way too late to prepare myself. I did not know why I wanted that job, what was so special about the company. I got so excited and nervous as I liked what I just read that I really wanted to get that job. But huge willingness is not giving you a job if you do not know what you talking about. You need preparation time, to know why you will fit in the position and company culture. That is why it is so crucial to investigate the company: culture, products, services, people working there, media about it. Interview is for both you and company to find out if there is a mutual fit. Even if you badly need a job it can happened that the company / people are not your cup of tea. Than is better to look further to find a piece of happiness with the pay check at the end of each month. 

Since then I made a decision: I will send one but good application per week or even two weeks rather than everyday 10 to 20 CV’s.

That way I had more time for enjoying my life, more time to actually focus (one day a week) for actual job search and preparing this one great CV. As each CV and Motivation Letter really need to be tailor accordingly to the job and company you are applying for.

Now I could say, I was really looking for a job and if I did not hear anything or received an negative answer, I knew from my side I did 200% and more to present myself – and it was really the other side who did not recognized my talent and potential.

Dream Job Diva

Dream Job of Alexander Stamelos

I believe I have met Alexander fall of 2011 in The Hague, when we both were helping a friend with some marketing / advertising project. Since The Hague is really small and almost every expat one day or another will finally run on each other – we begun to meet up at some expat’s events around the city.

Name:                  Alexander Stamelos  

Country/City:        The Netherlands / The Hague

What is your dream?

To achieve finance independent without being help prisoners from companies and employers.

What is my dream job?

If it’s a job it’s not a dream then.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I haven’t achieve my goal yet but I’m working on it.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

If it is truly your dream, just go for it! Have a sense of reality for what you looking for. Don’t let dream robbers steal your dream.

Who are you?

I am Alexander Stamelos , importer –exporter, and independent associate for Talk Fusion and other companies.

”Connect with your dream job” in 2012

Is time to go to work / find the work / or change the work – join ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting (see for more details – dates / time & place) the below link and for any question drop me a line at info@dreamjobdiva.com – see you at the meeting:

How to feel at home far away from home?

There are many reasons one can find him/herself away from home. You can be away from your family home, your city and your country. If you are fortunate enough you are relocating with your loved one. But what if someone do not have so much luck and need to build their whole life being on him/her own?

In my opinion except finding a place to live and make it cozy, finding like minded people is crucial – as they will be your ‘’family’’ far away from your own.

I am usually going for a language course – as that way I am able to learn something and at the same time meet new people. That is how I have learn English. Never had it at school so had to learn it other way. Intensive summer courses for me are fantastic way of spending time. Brilliant way to meet fabulous people and get to know new countries. In case it is a country of your relocation you also understand the culture and its citizens more, which at the end allow you to fit a bit in a new environment, hence feel more like at home.

Another idea of mine is to attend dance course – you not only keep fit but you relies stress absolutely.

Further dependently if you work or not, you may want to help others by doing some voluntary work. Fantastic way to meet people again. More important it is a way of gaining an essential experience which can be useful while searching / applying for a job.

Today I have discovered a new way of feeling at home far away from home and stress relief activity for sure. While laughing out loud for more than an hour, I completely forgot about the whole universe playing along with 18 international strangers at the ‘’Improvisation workshop’’ run by Improfessioneel representative.

The only thing I knew was that it will be about improvisation and that it will be in English – nothing more nothing less. And I am happy I did not know anything else as I simply went with a flow and enjoyed the whole evening, every moment of it. So much positive energy – the nicest thing was that all participants went along as well – amazing.

I am so impressed and happy as I believe dance and theater hence creativity are crucial while coaching people. I will definitely use some of exercises / techniques while preparing my future workshops or coaching one-on-one. Thank you for a brilliant evening Wouter. For a moment I was safe almost like at home and that is amazing feeling.

Dream Job Diva