Dream Job of Niels Jordens

I have never met Niels personally. He does run a Facebook page concerning jobs within The Netherlands and since it is mutual interest I have approach him if we could cooperate and help each other. I must say I do like the fact that even though he is busy (running your own business is 24 hour job – know that from the personal experience), he always finds time to drop a line…

Name:                  Niels Jordens 

Country/City:        The Netherlands / Houten

What is your dream?

A happy life for me and my family

What is my dream job?

Being an independent creator of great stuff, things and services that everybody like.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I am on my way there, just going forward….

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Stay true to yourself and follow your heart, but stay realistic and calculate your risks.

Who are you?

I am: founder of an international recruitment firm offering jobs in Holland for non-Dutch speakers, and father of 3;  www.careersinholland.com

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POLONUS – a new chapter in my life – a new chapter for the candidates of the election of ”Polish person of the year 2012”

Do you know the Polish proverb: ‘’where the doors are closing, the windows are getting opened’’, which in short translations means that once some actions / projects / activities are about to finished (or you do let go of your past) there are new opportunities arising / about to appear.

The same happens to me. After a long time of puzzling shall I step out from the Connecting Women board as their PR Coordinator or not, I finally made a decision and closed some chapter in my life. It was not the easy decision, however once I have made it I felt lighter and I knew I have made the right decision.

Finally, I thought I will have some more time for my personal activities. Not for long though.

I cannot stay still and of course I do need to be active and involved in creative, interesting and close to my heart projects. And Universe apparently does know me better than I do myself. So from a while I am again involved in another PR activities as a PR team member of the PR team of POLONUShttp://www.polonus.nl/.  

This wonderful, young organization aim to introduce to foreign people (especially within The Netherlands), the good face of Poland and its citizens living in and outside the country. As from last year they also organizing annual event: ”Polish person of the year 20… within The Netherlands”, great initiative (I can only feel pity I was not informed and involved in previous project).

As from July 2012 POLONUS is a new chapter in my life. Together with new, wonderful, creative and amazing Polish people I have a chance to make a difference in building a great image of fantastic, business minded, warm and friendly Polish people and Poland itself. It is very important chapter in my life as it is not only to benefit myself but improve and show better side of my compatriots living within The Netherlands. I myself did not know they are some great and wise people as you could already see, the finalists of the last year contest: http://www.polonus.nl/pl/kandydaci/

Few weeks back I had a meeting in Utrecht with people involved in PR team of POLONUS and I am proud to be a part of these group. I am happy to find out that there are Polish people who care and who wish to make a difference. Smart and intelligent, full of energy and initiative Polish people who work hard to achieve more and who are not afraid to spare some already busy time in order to  volunteer for a good cause.

I am proud to get to know those people, I believe we all will benefit from the mutual cooperation at this project. We can learn so much one from another.

It is so important to be involved in activities outside your household and  / or work as those activities will bring you new friends. It will give you the opportunity to learn / improve new skills, will broader your horizons and at the end may change your life. If you looking for a job or wish to change your career, doing some voluntary work within field of your interest / experience or totally new can make a difference and for sure will be well appreciated by your future managers.

Volunteering is also a great networking opportunity as well as a stress release activities as they do differ from your daily life tasks.

So don’t sit home wondering: what if; or pity yourself that you do not have anything to do, go and find yourself some voluntary activities. Once you do that please share with us your own experience …

 Dream Job Diva