Chose your own ‘’office space’’…

Today is rainy, cold day (at least here in The Hague).

Yet, on Facebook somebody has posted very inspiring, appealing to my imagination as well as to my desire and energizing photo of the little table with the laptop on the beach with a bit of oriental touch around it. Such a view and such combination brings calming effect on me. Looking at the reactions of other Facebook users I can assume that they are having similar feelings connected with it as well.

Would it be great to have a freedom to choose your own ‘’office’’ space, your own work place, where you could be creative as much as possible, where you could be free to do and to say whatever please you (as long as you do not harm others of course). Where you will feel well, safe and relaxed, which at the end will bring a huge benefit for the employer and  / or yourself if you are your own boss.

It would be haven on earth to work in the desired, dreamed place where one could feel more at home than at work. I remember I was reading a while ago an article about the office which look like the park of attraction (cannot bring the name of the company either of the article now), however such an amazing thing to do for yourself as well as for your employees  – to bring back your inner child, your innocence in reactions, thinking, creativity and more important an openness towards asking naive questions – which actually are opening our eyes and minds. Another dream place to work, I wish I could experience once is the office / home of Richard Branson, the privet, beautiful, wild island with his hammock office – brilliant, fantastic – I truly envy him for it. 

Nowadays lots of people prefer working from home. It is a great thing to do so as you can walk in your pj the whole day, lay on the couch and do whatever while working, however is it really great? Can you really concentrate with your kids around jumping and your spouse screaming and all unfinished little home task to do?

I was thinking that the fact that we do need to go to the office, where we will meet other people (not necessary in the office but also on the way there) is something what keep us feet. You may not agreed with me, however I could see on my own example as well as others that while you are at home you becoming more lazy and isolated, while you do need to go out you prepare yourself, put a makeup or  a new tie, you make an effort, and you do enjoy it more (ok, not always as sometimes the upcoming meeting may be very stressful).

I do not like the idea being 8 hours within the office and not be able to enjoy the beautiful weather either. However, I am talking about the possibility to go to the work place outside your own home, even if you do work for yourself. Of course sometimes is much easier when the weather is terrible and you are getting a cold to stay home and work on your laptop from your own bed – great as well.

Would it be great when your boss will give you a laptop and let you go to the park or to the beach (if you are luckily enough to work / live close by) to do your job.

Myself,  I will be more  motivated to do my job, and you…?

 Dream Job Diva 


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