Stress reducing activities – Gardening

Being responsible for a house daily activities, your kids, husband and above all of that dealing with professional life,  searching for clients (in case you decided already to start your own business) or simply searching for a job, can be very much time consuming and stressful at the same time.

Recently I have discover the joy of balcony gardening. I adding the word balcony as I am not a gardener at all (usually, unfortunately all my flowers die on me), and I do not have a garden, only a small balcony.

I decided that I wish to live healthy and therefore I wish to have self grow herbs and veggies. Adding to it I decided to grow some colorful plants / flowers to simply be happy while looking at them.

First I was stressed, that they were drying or not growing as fast as I would like them to grow. But then I was so happy harvesting the first little tomato or little strawberry – adding it to my salad or simply immediately putting it to my mouth. It’s totally different feeling to have something which came from your work and that smell and taste – you will not get that in any shop (well not anymore).

Best feeling ever, yet childhood memories come back as being a child I have spend lots of months at my grandparents garden helping them with everything surrounded (I remember not enjoying the activities very much as of course they were mostly my duties / tasks than simply fun actions). Now I look at it with nostalgia and wish those days would come back.

Well life goes on and we are getting older and hopefully wiser.  

One thing I can pass on to all of you – spending a day inside your home, on balcony or if you are luckily enough in your own garden taking care of your flowers, herbs, veggies, fruits take your busy mind far away from all the worries and stress. Even whole day of the hard work makes your back feel the pain, it is so much worth it. As you actually spend a day doing something special for yourself. Put a nice music, have a sip of red (my favorite) wine and simply enjoy every moment of it.

And the most important be creative, it really does not matter where will you place your plants. For example each time I am taking care of my little, balcony garden I am putting my plants in a different order, different places, changing the flower pots – that way it is not boring and each time I have a new, more beautiful and stress free place to relax and rest.

More important after such activities you are positively energized to go back to daily routines.

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