What Women Want – for sure to be healthy, stress free and happy

I have never won anything, till last couple of weeks I actually won twice. First I won two tickets for ‘’The BorderKitchen’’ – I do not even know what it is as I had other plans and gave up the price so somebody else could enjoy it.

But then few days later, I have received an email that there are possibilities of winning a ticket to the ‘’What Women Want Next’’ fair. Sounds interesting, I am a woman and even though I know what I want, I would like to know more what other women wants so I can be a better coach.

I did not apply for an email as I thought: ’’ya, right only 10 tickets to go, I will never stand a chance’’. Than few days later a new email came that there are additional 20 tickets if anybody wants. I thought: ’’well, this time I do not have anything to lose, and above that friend of mine had a birthday and it will be a great addition to a present I have had for her’’ , so I wrote an email that I would like to have 2 tickets if possible (not even believing the odds I will get an answer).

And today I took my friend to Utrecht and we had a great girls day out together at the fair.

I do not know about you all, but I certainly believe that things are happening for a reason.

As the last trip to Poland, I just decided on the spot I needed to go. And that was how I was able to say goodbye to my uncle who had a cancer and passed away few weeks after I returned to The Netherlands. I was lucky enough to spent some time with him, to talk to him and to say goodbye (even though it does feel surreal and not true – even now having tears and not believing it has happened). Couple years back we also lost a wonderful women (Kati) she was a sunshine in every possible way – the cancer took her away. My other uncle fight the cancer  – and we shall all pray that this enemy will never ever come back again.

Why am I writing about this, it suppose to be happy, motivating and cheering so all of you stressed with your job search, at your homes with your partners or screaming kids could feel better and cheer up. Well, this is important as every 10th or even less person faced the reality and closeness of the cancer in their inner circle. Not everybody talk about it as it is painful, for some shameful for some still unbelievable.

However, we do need to talk about it – we need to face it how life can change within a minute and how we can lost somebody we care for and not even be able to say goodbye. We shall see what is more important in our lives. For me for sure spending more time with those who I love. Trying to reduce stress and doing more fun, relaxing and do pleasurable things alone and / or together with those you care for not only brings you together, it also give you a wonderful memories of that time, and also will reduce a possibility of getting sick (in any way) as stressful life is the most dangerous enemy to ourselves.   

I need to be stress free and I wish you to be as well. I need your help to stay positive and I hope you will take my help to be us such.

If you have a chance, Google ”The Big C” series, definitely worth watching, to become familiar with the topic but at the same time see it a different way.

I met today a beautiful, strong woman – who let her bold (from a cancer) had to be painted in the most beautiful pattern of the white orchid in order to promote the case of the cancer campaign,  in order to make others in her shoes to feel special. I eat her breast looking cupcake, and I brought home her little orchid – I hope it will grow strong. She and others are making a special calendar for 2013 with women as herself to make them stronger and more positive. 

I so love this idea that, myself I would like to help as much as I could, and therefore this time a bit sad but still positive post on my blog.

Please visit her website www.thewhiteorchidfoundation.com to find out more and maybe help.   Thank you!!!

This post is for the memories of my uncle and Kati – let rest in peace – with Love.

Dream Job Diva 


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