You got a job! & than…

So you finally got a call and made appointment for an interview. What a relive, somebody finally recognized your talent. Somebody finally gave you a chance you deserved.

That is true you got a chance, however there is still a long way towards having the job.

• First you need to fight with your own stress to calm down and present yourself in the best light.

• Secondly, you need to make a fabulous first impression, remember first 10 to 30 second will give the interviewer all what he/she needs.

• Furthermore, you need to answer lots of strange, crazy, difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions, maybe even face a whole panel of interviewers.

Let’s say you managed to pull it all well and you got a green light.

You got a job, you sign the contract – Congratulation – you definitely deserved it. Well done.

But this is not the end, the journey just begin and you still need to work hard to have the job. Remember, signing the contract does not mean anything. Most of the time you will have from 2 weeks to even 6 months probation period when you can closed the door and never come back if the job does not meet your standards and your needs, but the same can do your employer. If you do not work hard and if you do not pay attention what is happening on the work floor and what kind of relations are in the company you may not be there yet.

Be on time – is it obvious, however most of us think : ‘’oo ya, I am safe now so what they can do to me, 5 minutes will not make such a different’’ right…

Ask question when needed (best try to find out who can be the best resources of ‘’company knowledge’’ and befriend them).

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we are all humans and we do need to learn first in order to perform better and more sufficient. The fact that you came on the same position you have been working for the past 10 years does not mean that it is done in this company as it has been done as you know it.

Make friends with receptionist, secretaries and office suppliers as they do know who is who and where to go in case of the emergency.

Be polite and respectful towards everybody, person who clean your desk every morning or evening deserves as much appreciation as you boss. You all are a team and you all work for a benefit of the company so at the end all of you can received your salary (ok, agreed not always relevant and fare but still money is money, and you can bring food to your home).

So, you still like your job. Your boss from time to time make your life miserable, but at the end of the day he/she smile and tell you: ‘’good job, well done…” . You like your colleagues. Your work seems to be boring from time to time, but when it’s get challenging and stressful you are pulling it off and all is as you dream of.

Finally the probation period is over – you can stay and do whatever you wish for. Is that really true?

Does your behavior change after probation period, when you know your position within company is secure enough? If so how and why…?

I will welcome your input and personal observation of your colleagues behavior …

Dream Job Diva 


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