Am I good enough….? – after Ted – Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Recently during one exercise while helping with co-training the coaching / counseling course I reviled to the students that I am very sensitive (it was a part of the exercise where we all needed to choose the adjective which did describe you or that you wish to have / to be as such).

What was mine surprise, that all four of the students in my exercise group told me that they were surprise that I described myself as sensitive (and I mean as being able to read and understand other people as well as using my intuition and showing as well as hiding my feelings while receiving positive or negative feedback ), for them I appeared to be a strong and assertive person (also nice in the business world however …).

And here was the first thought: ‘’Am I good enough….?’’; as a coach I believe I shall be sensitive in order to be able to understand my client. If I am perceive as not sensitive person how I can be a good coach…?

And now hearing Brene’s Ted presentation about vulnerability, I understood that this is ok, first of all to be sensitive and second of all to doubt in myself. If I can doubt in myself and understood it’s ok, I can be a better coach for those who come to me and doubt in themselves, as I can appreciate them more for the fact they are so courageous to share this feeling with me. And I can recognize it  and be there for them.

Am I good enough to be a coach? Of course I will always see others who are better, however why shall I be worse than them if I know my value and I know I can do it and I can help you.

Am I good enough to be your coach? This is the question only you can answer.

I know I will do my best in order you as my client leave the session satisfy and ready to dare and ready to do what you wish to do…

Dream Job Diva


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