7 tips on your job search journey – inside full ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ meeting …


The summer blow to our door earlier this year, we have May and the sun is shining giving warmth and positive energy. Living in The Hague definitely has its advantage due to closeness to Scheveningen beach and recently discovered (by me) Clingendael Park with its Japanese Garden (wonderful place to meditate, reconnect with yourself and to release the stress within your life – especially when you are in the middle of job search).

Weather is so wonderful that such a little thing like searching for a job may seems irrelevant.

That is why, I was truly surprise that even though the temperature invited us more to be sipping mojito on the beach, some ladies decided to take their life seriously and make the first step toward changing their life and automatically their career.

Sociable though professional support meeting with people from France and UK. We have started with our stories what brought us to the ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support meeting.

It is strange, yet each time I hear the story of a new person, in some special way I am able to connected and relate to his/her tale. It also seems as others have the same reflection after hearing stories of others.

Even I am a coach, each time I facilitate the meeting I learn tremendously. Probably this is why I enjoy coaching and group sessions so much.

7 tips from May ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support meeting, while you are on the job search journey :

  • 1. Write each day ‘’To Do List’’  (it is a first step to learn how to set up long term goals and how to achieve them) and follow it; as it give you a sense of being useful and allow you to check on your time management; 
  • 2. Do not stress over not receiving the reaction you do expect after sending 10000… of CV’s;
  • 3. Try to do few things during the day which are only and absolutely concern your inner being – to relax and release the stress; when you are happy you have more energy and you are more likely to attract better things within your life;
  • 4. Enjoy life – enjoy the time you have given as free (without work) – go meet with your friends, go for walk, and do things you did not have time while you were working;
  • 5. Exercise – to give you more energy, to give you something else to do, to stay fit.
  • 6. Do not be afraid asking for a help; you think you are alone but there are others who are in the same / familiar situation; sharing your fears, thoughts and feelings will help you reconnect with others and most important with yourself. It will allow you to be yourself.
  • 7. Join ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support meeting.

See you at the next ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support meeting – for upcoming dates check the website: www.dreamjobdiva.com.  

Photos & Text by Dream Jod Diva


Dream Job of Hafizh Atfin

It is hard to say when exactly I have met Hafizh, for sure it must have been one of the expat events organized within The Hague. Since then we have met at several PR & Marketing occasions as we both work as PR Coordinators.

Name:                Hafizh Atfin  

Country / city:     Indonesia / Jakarta

What is your dream?

To leave a legacy to the world

What is my dream job? 

A position where I can contribute my skills and thought to the community and inspire them to develop. I want to a communicator too, liaison for two parties to get into an agreement.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Improving my language skills and lots of networking (or knowing and in the know).

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Dream on… but always put it into a piece of paper to see it in real how to achieve it. 

Who are you?

I am a very social person, effortlessly.

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Miss Poland and ‘’CV makeover ‘’ in Polish…

Sunday morning JO(B)ANNA was pleased to be a part of interesting initiative happening for the second time in The Netherlands – Miss Poland of Benelux. The actual gala will take place in Maastricht on Saturday 02nd June 2012.

Yesterday, all finalists have met all together for the first time.

I as the Dream Job Diva was asked to be a partner and supporter of this initiative and  prepared a ‘’CV makeover” workshop for the ladies.

It was challenging task  for two reasons:

  • up till now I have only delivered workshops in English and / or Dutch language. Even though Polish is my mother language, all education and preparation I have done concerning coaching and running workshops was in English;
  • I was performing not only in front of my native beautiful and smart ladies but also in front of two cameras (looking  forward to seeing two independent films from this event).

Time flies when you having fun, that is how I was feeling delivering the ‘’CV makeover” workshop yesterday.

And to be honest I was afraid of my language disability, and it was perfect, friendly and fun.

At the same time the whole event took place in Polish Restaurant Kredens (only 2 months on the Dutch market), I must say – I have never ever eaten such delicious ‘’pierogi z miesem ‘’  (dumplings with meat) – if you do have a day of and you do not want to cook – visit Kredens at Laan van Meerdervoort 458

And if you do need career and / or life coaching contact JO(B)ANNA.


Dream Job Diva

Connect with your dream job – May meeting (24.05.2012 @ 19:00-20:30)

The main idea behind ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting is to gather with each other and discuss possibilities of finding any job and / or the dream job. Most of us are stressed and worrying about the next day –  what if…. 

  • I am not able to find a job;
  • I am not able to provide for my family;
  • I am not good enough for any job;
  • My qualifications are wrong;
  • I need to change my life;
  • There is no job for me;
  • There are others way better than me…. 

STOP it – come to the meeting and find people who are in the same situation, yet they are fighting and doing well (coming to the meeting is already a first step into changing your work/life situation).

Facilitated by Dream Job Diva

How Very Successful People Manage Their Time

I have just read very interesting article an I decided that you as a coachee and a reader need to read that too.

It is inspirational and helpful not only for the entrepreneur. It can be useful while organizing your schedule for a job search or your time before the final exams or any duties and task for that matter. 

Have fun reading it as I did…

How Very Successful People Manage Their Time.

Founded & recommended by Dream Job Diva

Dream Job of Kate Jones

I have met Kate at one of Webster University events, when she was still a student there.

Name:                  Kate Jones   

Country/City:   The Netherlands / Amsterdam

What is your dream?

My dream is to live life to the fullest and be as happy as I can in the process. I want to work hard and dream big.

What is my dream job? 

My dream job is a job which is allows me to be creative, flexible, live up to my potential, and benefit society and my community. 

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I started with an idea and ran with it. While luck was definitely in my favor, I was very stubborn and never gave up. I continue to excel at my dream job with this mentality.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

If it is truly your dream, just go for it and never give up! Be realistic about where you are, where you want to go, and how you plan to make it happen. Research your idea and assess your position in the bigger picture (or market, job field, etc.). Begin there with step one; cherish your success as you go, stay positive, and keep walking until you’ve reached your goal! Good luck!

Who are you?

I am Kate Jones, an American living in Amsterdam and I work for High Potential Women Executive Search as a recruitment consultant at www.hpwexecutivesearch.com and www.highpotentialwomen.com

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva

Am I good enough….? – after Ted – Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Recently during one exercise while helping with co-training the coaching / counseling course I reviled to the students that I am very sensitive (it was a part of the exercise where we all needed to choose the adjective which did describe you or that you wish to have / to be as such).

What was mine surprise, that all four of the students in my exercise group told me that they were surprise that I described myself as sensitive (and I mean as being able to read and understand other people as well as using my intuition and showing as well as hiding my feelings while receiving positive or negative feedback ), for them I appeared to be a strong and assertive person (also nice in the business world however …).

And here was the first thought: ‘’Am I good enough….?’’; as a coach I believe I shall be sensitive in order to be able to understand my client. If I am perceive as not sensitive person how I can be a good coach…?

And now hearing Brene’s Ted presentation about vulnerability, I understood that this is ok, first of all to be sensitive and second of all to doubt in myself. If I can doubt in myself and understood it’s ok, I can be a better coach for those who come to me and doubt in themselves, as I can appreciate them more for the fact they are so courageous to share this feeling with me. And I can recognize it  and be there for them.

Am I good enough to be a coach? Of course I will always see others who are better, however why shall I be worse than them if I know my value and I know I can do it and I can help you.

Am I good enough to be your coach? This is the question only you can answer.

I know I will do my best in order you as my client leave the session satisfy and ready to dare and ready to do what you wish to do…

Dream Job Diva