Surprise Coaching

I have learn about coaching, living in the Netherlands and from Dutch or expats living over there. I did my course and first coaching sessions there as well. Later on I have learn that in Poland coaching started blooming and is more and more visible and recognizable. Than I have discovered ‘’Coaching Magazine’’, wonderful tool for everyone. For me double, as I am able to gain knowledge concerning coaching as well as learn about Polish coaching market.

Planning my stay in Poland I have booked training session first day after my arrival.

The whole coaching session was planned to be of help for coaches, trainers and all managers or leaders. We got very clear explanation of what coaching is and what tools we may use. After explanation we were able to experience all of it first hand and be a coache (to get the glimpse of how our future clients may feel and experience same exercises).

First thing which came to my mind when I arrived to the training day was friendly, open and honest atmosphere. Even though in some way we are all competitors – we were a team supporting and helping each other (still are as with some of the participants I was able to make more friendly connection). Second thing was the amount of men who participate (in The Netherlands I always experience majority of women above men during coaching sessions / trainings) here the number was almost even.

I have to say that the whole training – workshop was done tip top. (I would even say that in certain way better than some workshops I have experienced in The Netherlands).

 I have learn a lot and now I am happy I will be able to use the knowledge with my future clients (one-on-one as well as groups).

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