Shall we write our own prescription? After listening to TEDxFiDiWomen – Lissa Rankin – The Shocking Truth About Your Health

Friend of mine who studied coaching together with me, shared the link of Lissa’s Ted presentation.

At first I was wondering how I can connect this with coaching, but then when she said: ’’Write yourself a prescription …” I understood. It is like coming for a coaching session where all the answers and problem solving are within you  and a coach is only needed so you can realized what is your problem and what is your personal / individual prescription for your problem. Coach is needed only to be there so you can feel more comfortable and so you can open your wings in order to be able to fly alone without anyone help.

Once you know what is your prescription / what is your answer you yourself are able to fix it. However sometime somebody does need a professional help to keep you going, to keep you doing what you prescribe yourself. Therefore you are your own best coach, however you  may need some professional help to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact a coach to be a part of your life journey. A wise coach will know when is a time to leave you and let you go solo …

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