At the airport – the beauty of the language.

I’m sitting in the middle of the world. I’m in the cafe at the international airport.

Two more hours to go to my flight, trying to read  very interesting book my friend lend me.

Even though the book keeps me occupy, my attention is divided into all different languages I hear around. Wouldn’t be great to be able to understand it all. It will be almost as reading someone’s mind.

However I am not able to understand it all, I do enjoy to listen to those exotic languages and at the same time to observe the people who speak it.

I feel like in the bubble. We are all within the same space, closed for few hours. And yet everyone behave different thought in some special way the same.

People tend to focus on their things (luggage, drink, phone, book), or the travel partner they are with. You can almost see how the personal space increase, as everyone try to guard it.

Everybody protect their privacy and yet you managed to exchange a smile here or there; one friendly sentence with some stranger from cross the ocean running to catch the plane to another destination. Even the airport staff seems to be more friendly. They smile willing to help you. Why cannot be like that in every shops (outside the airport)? Only because here they need to deal with internationals they try to be nice. We should be in general open and helpful to everyone in every occasion regardless of nationality and place we are in.

Fantastic feeling and great research, observation field for a person like me a life coach.
We are the same but different and yet very similar.

Have a good trip everyone.  I’ll enjoy mine.

Dream Job Diva


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