Dream Job of Jo Parfitt

I have heard about Jo, before I have met her through her book: ”Career in Your Suitcase”. Later on we have met at Connecting Women meetings, where for few months we were together at the board.

Name:                  Jo Parfitt 

Country / city:  The Netherlands /  The Hague

What is your dream?

I always dreamed of being a writer and writing a book. At school, they told me writing was not a real career… so I shelved my dream

What is my dream job? 

I wanted to make my living as a writer. Today, I have a motto, which is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’. My dream and my motto help me to stay on track.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

At 20, I was living in France and had an idea for a cookbook called French Tarts. I wrote it and a publisher accepted it. in. At 23 it was published. I did not cook any of the recipes myself! I learned that if something is to succeed I needed to believe in my idea (not necessarily in myself, that is different) and to have passion, to do the right research and to produce something of quality. In order to do my book proposal I asked my mother to teach me to type and my father to teach me to use a word processor. That made all the difference. Soon after, I was offered jobs writing word processing manuals and then, I went to live abroad. 24 years later, I still write books, I still share what I know to help others to grow but I have learned to move with the times and that some parts of my job need to be recycled, some need to be thrown in the trash, and sometimes I need new ones. I have been a journalist and a writing teacher, ran a CV writing service, and wrote copy. Today, after 28 books I am a publisher too. Summertime was established in 1997 and it has published over 40 books. So now I help others to achieve their writing dreams. I still believe that passion, belief and research are key, but now I also know that it is vital to have a focus and a niche… 

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Make your first step finding your passion, then when you know what you love you will find it easier to create a dream job. When you do the work you were born to do you use 1% of the energy you use when you don’t (Dr Katherine Benziger, author of Thriving in Mind)

Who are you?

Jo Parfitt, British, lived in Dubai, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands. Run Summertime Publishing www.joparfitt.com and www.expatbookshop.com

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva


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