Surprise Coaching

I have learn about coaching, living in the Netherlands and from Dutch or expats living over there. I did my course and first coaching sessions there as well. Later on I have learn that in Poland coaching started blooming and is more and more visible and recognizable. Than I have discovered ‘’Coaching Magazine’’, wonderful tool for everyone. For me double, as I am able to gain knowledge concerning coaching as well as learn about Polish coaching market.

Planning my stay in Poland I have booked training session first day after my arrival.

The whole coaching session was planned to be of help for coaches, trainers and all managers or leaders. We got very clear explanation of what coaching is and what tools we may use. After explanation we were able to experience all of it first hand and be a coache (to get the glimpse of how our future clients may feel and experience same exercises).

First thing which came to my mind when I arrived to the training day was friendly, open and honest atmosphere. Even though in some way we are all competitors – we were a team supporting and helping each other (still are as with some of the participants I was able to make more friendly connection). Second thing was the amount of men who participate (in The Netherlands I always experience majority of women above men during coaching sessions / trainings) here the number was almost even.

I have to say that the whole training – workshop was done tip top. (I would even say that in certain way better than some workshops I have experienced in The Netherlands).

 I have learn a lot and now I am happy I will be able to use the knowledge with my future clients (one-on-one as well as groups).

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Shall we write our own prescription? After listening to TEDxFiDiWomen – Lissa Rankin – The Shocking Truth About Your Health

Friend of mine who studied coaching together with me, shared the link of Lissa’s Ted presentation.

At first I was wondering how I can connect this with coaching, but then when she said: ’’Write yourself a prescription …” I understood. It is like coming for a coaching session where all the answers and problem solving are within you  and a coach is only needed so you can realized what is your problem and what is your personal / individual prescription for your problem. Coach is needed only to be there so you can feel more comfortable and so you can open your wings in order to be able to fly alone without anyone help.

Once you know what is your prescription / what is your answer you yourself are able to fix it. However sometime somebody does need a professional help to keep you going, to keep you doing what you prescribe yourself. Therefore you are your own best coach, however you  may need some professional help to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact a coach to be a part of your life journey. A wise coach will know when is a time to leave you and let you go solo …

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The power of networking.

Going to Poland, I have had planned only one coaching business meeting (exciting training where I was able to learn new coaching tools).

Already first five minutes of my arriving to the meeting point, I have met wise man who was happy to share with me certain information regarding Polish job market (great as it is of my interest being a career coach as well).

Later during that day (the whole coaching training lasted till 16:00), I met wonderful, open, creative and willing to do something special with their life as well as with others people (some of them are coaches or trainers, some of them work for HR or totally different fields). They gave me some tips, and shared info concerning other networking or coaching events within Warsaw.

And that is how instead of only one day work, I have been running whole week (and still am) from one meeting to another, from one training to another. During those marathons,I have met more and more interesting and like minded people, my network expanded tremendously.

And I truly believe we will be in contact and maybe one day something huge will happened (business wise).

I am happy to explore new business and coaching opportunities within my own country, my own city Warsaw.

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At the airport – the beauty of the language.

I’m sitting in the middle of the world. I’m in the cafe at the international airport.

Two more hours to go to my flight, trying to read  very interesting book my friend lend me.

Even though the book keeps me occupy, my attention is divided into all different languages I hear around. Wouldn’t be great to be able to understand it all. It will be almost as reading someone’s mind.

However I am not able to understand it all, I do enjoy to listen to those exotic languages and at the same time to observe the people who speak it.

I feel like in the bubble. We are all within the same space, closed for few hours. And yet everyone behave different thought in some special way the same.

People tend to focus on their things (luggage, drink, phone, book), or the travel partner they are with. You can almost see how the personal space increase, as everyone try to guard it.

Everybody protect their privacy and yet you managed to exchange a smile here or there; one friendly sentence with some stranger from cross the ocean running to catch the plane to another destination. Even the airport staff seems to be more friendly. They smile willing to help you. Why cannot be like that in every shops (outside the airport)? Only because here they need to deal with internationals they try to be nice. We should be in general open and helpful to everyone in every occasion regardless of nationality and place we are in.

Fantastic feeling and great research, observation field for a person like me a life coach.
We are the same but different and yet very similar.

Have a good trip everyone.  I’ll enjoy mine.

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Dream Job of Jo Parfitt

I have heard about Jo, before I have met her through her book: ”Career in Your Suitcase”. Later on we have met at Connecting Women meetings, where for few months we were together at the board.

Name:                  Jo Parfitt 

Country / city:  The Netherlands /  The Hague

What is your dream?

I always dreamed of being a writer and writing a book. At school, they told me writing was not a real career… so I shelved my dream

What is my dream job? 

I wanted to make my living as a writer. Today, I have a motto, which is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’. My dream and my motto help me to stay on track.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

At 20, I was living in France and had an idea for a cookbook called French Tarts. I wrote it and a publisher accepted it. in. At 23 it was published. I did not cook any of the recipes myself! I learned that if something is to succeed I needed to believe in my idea (not necessarily in myself, that is different) and to have passion, to do the right research and to produce something of quality. In order to do my book proposal I asked my mother to teach me to type and my father to teach me to use a word processor. That made all the difference. Soon after, I was offered jobs writing word processing manuals and then, I went to live abroad. 24 years later, I still write books, I still share what I know to help others to grow but I have learned to move with the times and that some parts of my job need to be recycled, some need to be thrown in the trash, and sometimes I need new ones. I have been a journalist and a writing teacher, ran a CV writing service, and wrote copy. Today, after 28 books I am a publisher too. Summertime was established in 1997 and it has published over 40 books. So now I help others to achieve their writing dreams. I still believe that passion, belief and research are key, but now I also know that it is vital to have a focus and a niche… 

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Make your first step finding your passion, then when you know what you love you will find it easier to create a dream job. When you do the work you were born to do you use 1% of the energy you use when you don’t (Dr Katherine Benziger, author of Thriving in Mind)

Who are you?

Jo Parfitt, British, lived in Dubai, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands. Run Summertime Publishing and

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I had a dream… The Law of attraction in my life

’I have a dream’’(…)  – said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in August 28th 1963.

I had a dream (…) – since I was 4 years old.

This is a story of – how the Law of Attraction has worked in my life.

How many of you have heard about the Law of Attraction?; How many of you have experienced the Law of Attraction?; How many of you  have read the book or / & seen the movie ‘’The Secret’’ by Rhonda Byrne?

When I have heard  for the first time about ‘’The Secret’’ – I have realized that I knew about it since I was a child.

Since then I easily followed it – but than in a process of growing up I lost it  – till one day I read a wonderful,  philosophical book ‘’The Alchemist’’ by Paulo Coelho. Where he wrote:

‘’And, when you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’’.

I also believe that the dream will become true in the time and the moment most suitable for you  – so be careful what you wish for.

You could say – of course she  got all she wanted as she is the only child – and as the social perception is – the only child equal the spoiled child. Nothing closer to the true, as I growth up with my cousin – now consider my sister and best friend Magda.

So, go back to ‘’I HAD A DREAM’’:

I growth up in Poland at the end of the grey, communist time, when we had only black & white TV with only 2 programs: TV1 & TV2. However, the shortage of the programs brings me best memories of wonderful movies I had seen during the weekends together with my parents. The most memorable movies where from India. The beautiful, young people dancing or riding on the elephants, fighting against or for Goddess Khali. I dream of going to India – to experience the special, spiritual atmosphere I experienced during watching those movies. I dream of being there, touching it, smelling it and living it (…)

(…) Than, I grow up  – I went to school, started the work and the ordinary life started.

So I have decided to change it and one week after 11/9 2001 I arrived to Holland, where in 2004 I made one of my many other dreams come true and signed up for my second University – Tourism & Recreation Management in Haarlem.

In order to fulfill my duty in 2006/2007 I became an intern of Hindu-Surinamese Tour Operator based in The Hague. One day the BIG BOSS called me and said:

‘’You go to India’’ (…)                    

Just like that my childhood dream came true. I went to India for free,  to check the business of my boss (to take photos of the venues, vehicles and places  we have visited – to write the feedback rapport) and at the same time I was a Tour Leader of the group of 30 people – exciting, knowledgeable and wonderful experience.

The most important   – My dream came true – The Law of Attraction worked.

Therefore, NEVER give up on your dreams – NEVER stop dreaming.

As quoting Paulo Coelho again:

‘’It’s the possibility of having  a dream come true that makes life interesting’’.

Btw. This text was my very first text prepared for a public speech at the POWERtalk International club.

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