Poland – Warsaw place to be in June 2012

Living 23 years in Warsaw, I always thought of my city as a gray, unpleasant and boring place.

Therefore, once arrive to The Netherlands I always suggested to everyone to go to Poland and visit Cracow, Wroclaw or Gdansk  – in my opinion most charming places on earth.

10 year has passed by and I have been revisiting my city  – Warsaw with more amazement each time.

Every time Warsaw welcomed me with new surprise – new building, new park, new shop etc.

Warsaw become a place to be with its colors, restaurants, shops with goods from all over the world open almost 24 hours.

Last summer I had a chance rediscover Warsaw and for a week be a tour guide and tourist at the same time.

I took my international guests on a trip to my old Warsaw and at the same time together we have discovered places with its history I have never knew about that.

Growing up during and after communism lots of facts were not spoke about . Nowadays, one can spend whole day getting to know Warsaw and its bloody facts during the second world war with the Museum Powstania Warszawskiego (Uprising Museum) or  taking a Jewish track. Also since short Warsaw has one fantastic venue to spend time with the whole family, to have fun and to gain knowledge – > Copernicus Science Centre.

For those who are tired of the busyness of the constantly  moving city visiting green parts of Warsaw and its surroundings (as Łazienki, Park Saski or Wilanow) is a nice change.

There are lots of child friendly parks. Lots of places to have a romantic walks with your loved one.

Warsaw is preparing for its visitors in June for  Euro 2012. In many places one can find Tourism Information with beautiful and professionally prepared booklets about the city in variety of languages.

The year of 2010 was a year of Chopin, walking from Nowy Świat (New World) down to The Old Town (Starówka) one can spot murmur benches with the short description, map of the spotted place and music bottom to hear Chopin. The year 2011 was a year of Maria Skłodowska-Curie. This year will be most likely sport year.

Even though Warsaw is much bigger than most of the Dutch cities  (it’s almost as big as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague together), I will recommended to visited it by foot – as that way one will have freedom and opportunity to see places which are not even on the touristic area – and it is worth it.

Do you like to see my city – Warsaw?. There are many possibilities to do so (KLM and LOT are flying daily from Schiphol ), you can go by train (straight from Amsterdam to Warsaw) or by bus or car (about 15 hours drive). Plan your trip and come to discover one of the fast growing city in Europe.

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