First this year: ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting

Today JO(B)ANNA facilitated and hosted first in 2012 ”Connect with your dream job” support meeting. It was very special gathering for many reasons.

First of all, we were celebrating the first year of JO(B)ANNA existence.

Second of all, we were very international (Spain, Germany, US, UK, Bulgaria, Poland, Venezuela, Kenia, Austria, The Netherlands) group of wonderful women with so different experience yet very similar. As one of them said at the end of the evening: ”amazing how I feel connected to all of you, while listening to your stories I could related to almost each of you, as I have had similar experience or feelings in different stage of my life”.

Finally, it was amazing to hear all the stories: why did they come to the meeting; what job they would like to have; what experience do they have and how did they experienced the meeting itself. Seeing all women sincerely care for each other, actively listening one another giving an advise and support, gave me a feeling of achieving something more than special. I was able to do that, I was able to connect all of us and that felt (still is) rewarding and fantastic. They all were sparkling, sometimes I needed to stop them from chatting as they found each other so entertaining they were drifting away from the group (luckily only for a moment so the group could work and cooperate further).

For such moments, I love to facilitate group meetings. An fabulous opportunity to meet people, I would probably never meet and have a chance to learn from a living encyclopedia. Where else I could sit in my living room having women from all over the world cheering and opening themselves to each other.

Some tips from tonight:

  1. Get out from your comfort zone
  2. Be ambitious and go for what you really desire
  3. Once you loose yourself, reach for help, for other people, share your stories with those who will understand

And finally focus not only on – ”What can you do” but also on – ”What want you to do”.

Dream Job Diva


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